I love motherhood, and children. I cherish life with everything inside of me. I believe deeply that the root of healing, and the future of our world lays in how well we care for the mothers in our lives.
I love the world, people, and culture. I love cooking and food, and pursuing new languages. I love to listen to others stories, to be inspired and moved. I love writing, and words, so so much. 
Some of my biggest dreams i'm working toward include mastering Spanish, and Sign Language- and to use these skills to connect with and serve more mothers, and families. I am also learning Hawaiian. 
I love art, in every form. I try everything at least once. When I am not taking photos, attending births, or caring for mothers and children- I am crocheting, making bread, reading, caring for my plants, or going on adventures. I love to hike, and swim, and travel. I have lived all over the USA and have traveled much farther. 
I am a mother to a sweet little boy, my Despin who will be 5 this year. And also to an angel baby, Elsie. I love to talk about them both. They are both a big part of my why for this work, and this journey. I am married, a wife to the most amazing man I know. My husband is the steady ground to my flowing passion in this life.
I am a gentle soul, an old soul, and I am very empathetic. I take great care in keeping my home a sanctuary, a place full of light and peace and rest. When I go to births, I try to carry that with me. I am also very steady in crisis, and I adapt easily in the moment.
My voice, my spirit, and my personality make me so uniquely suited to the unique aspects of birth care. 
I have been photographing births since 2016, and working as a birth keeper since 2018. I have received awards and placed prestigiously in contests that my birth photos were selected for. My images have been chosen for publication both nationally and internationally. 
I am trained in PMADS with Postpartum Support international, and a huge part of my work is with mamas who suffer from pmads. I also work with moms of loss, and moms in need in our local communities.  
I have informal doula training, and have heaps of hands on experience, and am working towards certification through HERBAL. I do not call myself a doula, except when speaking to medical personal for clarification. I prefer the term birth keeper. 
I believe in dreams, in God, and in the magic of kindness. I believe in our spirits, and the way they can connect us all, especially in birth. Birth matters deeply to me,  the birth space is my favorite place to be. 

"It put me in touch with what it means to be female in a way that we are not taught. We're taught how to have power if we can have the kind of power that men have, we're taught how to have power if we can be sexy and appeal to a man's taste in that way, but we're not really taught the really primal embodied raw power that is what it is to be female...

and that's what you see in the birth room."       

 -Ivy Joeva

In Birth Becomes You

Contest and Review

Trained in Perinatal Mood

and Anxiety Disorders

Internationally published

Published in Lensational Magazine

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