Dear Life Bringers...

I am so excited that you have chosen this path. Birth can be so tender. So absolutely sacred. My aim is to serve you during this time in a way that lifts some of the pressure from you and your birth family. I hope to bring you light, a gentle touch, and a kind spirit. I hope to hold space for you, and to fill in the gaps. To provide a continuity of care that is refreshing in this everchanging world. I am here for you, with the genuine care and support we all crave, as you embark upon this precious journey. 

Pregnancy can feel long, and there are so many uncertainties. I do not want to be one of them. So I have written this guide for you, to ease your mind, to answer questions, and to help you know exactly what to expect as we travel this Wildwood Journey together. 

Let's start with the basics of your package and what that looks like. You have chosen the "full birth support" package which means I will be serving you your birthkeeper and your birth photographer. 

This package includes 24/7 communication- meaning you can reach out anytime for support via text or phone. I am here to help you navigate this journey. You can bring me your questions, your fears, your prayers, and I will give you what I have in return; be that comfort, solidarity, prayer, or answers. If you need resources for things beyond my scope of care, I will help you find them.

Your package also includes a post birth gift box, a complimentary digital birth announcement of my design, and 2 care visits. 

Care visits are a special service I offer my clients to ensure they are being supported in the ways they need most. This means if you need someone to talk to and hang out with- I'm your girl. If you need help making a birth plan or a postpartum plan- I can help with that! If you would like to dive into some education about birth, ease your fears, or just prepare for what's to come- I can spend that time with you. Some clients choose to use these visits during pregnancy, and others choose to use them in the postpartum time. Should you choose to use one or both visits postpartum, I can serve you in unique ways as well. I can use the time to cook for you, help you navigate breastfeeding or newborn care, or even give you protected sleep times. I can help you assess your emotional state, as I have a background in training with PMADS (postnatal mood and  anxiety disorders). I do not provide medical services, but I can provide support and resources should a medical physical or mental issue arise. I am a safe space, you can tell me anything. I have been through my own bouts of PMADS, child loss, and traumas in the past. I also honor a confidentiality with my clients. 

I am passionate about postpartum practices among different cultures, and I can help you plan and implement a postpartum period that is healing, protected, and beneficial to both you and your family.

Think about how you would like to use your visits, and know that the conversation is always open. Should you need additional care visits or time, I have packages available for that as well. 

Birth. That day that you literally bring life forth. 

This day is about so much more then meeting your child. It is about you, life bringers. Mother, Father, or whomever you identify as- this is your day too.

My heart is for you, for your care and your support. So often the mental health of a mother or father is overlooked in the joy and bustle of meeting the babe. With me, you can assure that while I will fawn over a new baby with all my heart just as soon as the next birth worker- I will always hold space for you first. If you are unwell, how will a child thrive under your care?

I believe in truly meeting the needs of the parents, so they can meet the needs of their children. This looks like giving you a break. A drink. A touch. An ear. This looks like whatever you need it to. 

On this day, I can support you with:

Nutrition suggestions, friendship, gentle touch and support, pain relief techniques, essential oil support, rebozo support, emotional grounding, anxiety coping methods, help with self advocacy, affirmations, playlists, laughter, warmth and so much more. I move with you, I adapt to your space, your plan, your vision. I truly believe in supporting every type of birth their is, and I will meet you where you  are at every step of the way. I am here for you emotionally and spiritually as far as you need me.

You can expect me to be a quiet but uplifting presence at your birth. I do not pretend to be a fly on the wall, but I hold space for you with my energy in a safe and non-judgmental way. 

During our consultation, or along the journey, I will ask you which service you want me to prioritize. In most cases, I do a fabulous job of capturing your story and supporting you. I am also skilled at helping your family or spouse find active ways to be a part of that support. Occasionally, a situation may arise where I can't take a photo and be a support person at the same time physically. Often times this comes as baby is being born. It is important for me to know what you need and desire most during different moments of labor and birth. In the moment of birth that could be a beautiful photo of your babe as they emerge, or someone holding your hand (or leg!) as you power through that moment. Regardless of your choice, I will find beautiful ways to support you AND tell your birth story. 

As for the photography side of things! You can expect a very low key form of photography. I do not use flash, I do not use extra equiptment, I do not pose you. I am here to document your journey.