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Birth of Adrianna Marie

This birth was so calm, everyone had a steadiness about them as they waited for babe.

Mom was a bit tethered and tied up due to high risks and hospital limitations, but she made the most of her energy, and let her body do the work it was created to do. The staff was kind and attentive to the family's needs. and they were very well cared for.

Dad rested with mom in the early stages, leaving at one point to fulfill a craving for her favorite ice pop treats from the store to snack on during labor.

Most of the birth was steady, waiting, holding space for mama as she peacefully internalized through contractions. She opted for an epidural at one point, and her body seemed to respond well to it, she also retained full control of her movement which can be rare with an epidural. This allowed her to move and rock through many of those waves of power.

It is always difficult for a birth team to watch a mother go through transition, and not be able to offer much help or take away any of the battle for her. It's something each laboring mom has to do on their own, the strength is only within them, all we can do is offer a hand, a touch, a word of encouragement. It was especially difficult in this birth, as mom was tethered by the wires and precautions meant to keep her and babe safe. There is such a fine line between being grateful for medicinal technology and safety protocols, and morning the lack of listening to instinct and nature during birth, this birth was a fine mix of both.

As things got close, mother instinctively flipped over to hands and knees, despite the epidural, she moved gracefully, pulling cords and her power with her. She labored here for a bit, dad silently supporting her through.

As babe began to crown, the staff had her turn back over and everyone in the room got excited. Her families squeals are apparent in the photos! A little bit amazed, a little embarrassed, grandma got up close for a few sneak peaks, sister declined. Soon, with a lot of stolen breathes and tense moments, babe was born, roared into the world by a beautiful, strong mother.

A beautiful healthy strong little girl, with an enchanting name. In one photo she reminds me of the Rosie "we can do it" posters. She also had the longest eyelashes!

Soon more family trickled in to welcome their newest love, and sweet smiles and snuggles were shared all around. I also got the special honor of holding babe for a moment, an honor I always cherish. I was touched by the beauty and strength in this family, and by their gentle spirit.

The night was made complete by a beautiful strong moon in the sky on my drive home. A perfect night to be born.

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