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Birth Story of Aurora Soyla

First of all, this little girls name is what dreams are made of. It fit her so well! Her middle name, Soyla, is a family name passed down through generations and I just love it. 

The lighting in this room was dim, but dreamy, it really set the tone for the precious moments captured.

This little girl made her way into the world early, while I was a days drive away up in TN! The second I got the text I started back on that 6 hour drive, and only missed the birth by 20 minutes! I was so sad to miss the moment, but fell in love with everything I got to capture afterwords. 

I am still overjoyed for this mama, this was her VBAC birth and she rocked it! I really enjoyed spending time in this room, and in this hospital. The nurse pictured was amazing, she had the best laugh and spirit. She went above and beyond to welcome this little girl, and her face when she saw how strong she was is priceless!(see pics)  But honestly, this sweet girl charmed us all. She was so graceful, and beautiful. 

I really loved meeting the dad's grandma, who loved that baby (and her own grown baby of course) more then words could express, she had such a vivid personality and being around her just felt like a blessing. She cut the cord, and was there every step of the way on this amazing day. 

This whole family was amazing, so much love and adoration filled up the room. They were completely focused on this baby, and nothing else mattered. It was a rare and beautiful mood that I could have soaked up for days.


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