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Birth Story of Ella Rose

I love every birth I attend. Each one brings new people, emotions, and challenges. But this birth remains one of my favorites I have ever been a part of.

This birth mama had such a sweet soft spirit, the kind of person you know will always be there when you need a friend. She has kind eyes, and a gentle soul, and a heart with so much love and grace to share. She just has a presence that makes you feel lighter. 

It was such an honor to stand by her side on this day. Her family was one I'll never forget. There was her mother, she was so worried for her little girl (who was about to have a little girl of her own.) She was brave and proud, and careful. There to support and love however she was needed, a quiet presence in the room that radiated care. Soft beautifully aged hands that rested on mom just when she needed them. She overcame her own anxiety to be the loving observer we all needed.

Her Husband, strong and steady and ever giving. He held us all up, with a positive attitude, a deep strength, and a spirit of service. He was there to help in every single moment, reading to her, praying with her, playing her worship music, rubbing her back, vocally rebuking her fears and pushing her on in the hardest moments. Even during the birth itself he played a huge roll in counting pushes, and helping her do it all- without the nurses even at some points. He was a rock of faith, stepping up in one of the biggest ways you can, and he was a huge part of bringing this baby safely earthside.

Third was her sister. Her sister served her better then some doula's I'v seen. She comforted, and talked her through everything, hands readily serving where she was needed. But she also was a HUGE advocate for this mothers birth rights, She stood up for her when all the odds were against, and was steady in sensitive moments. She made her feel heard and seen and loved, and that is a most precious gift.

Every single one of them was vital to this birth. With this family, some great nurses, and incredible doctors that advocated for their patients, it really made for a rockstar birth team.

The  reason I fell in love with this birth, was because this birth represented everything I as a birth worker want to see. Supportive family, rights respected, fears vanquished, and mothers overcoming the worst odds. 

This sweet mama overcame what I believe was her worst fears, she fought the toughest battle of her life on this day, and not only survived it but came out completely victorious.

She blew me away. 

Some women become a mother through brokenness, or tears, or love, or sacrifice. This woman became a mother through faith, battle, and triumph. She started small, looking up at a great mountain, and once she dug deep and found her faith, she shoved that mountain off a cliff and into the sea with just a look. She was fierce in the most beautiful way, finding wave after wave of courage and strength she didn't even know she had. I pray she always remembers this day, and what she did, and how strong she was. And i pray that its a strength she carries for the rest of her life. 

She made me proud to be a woman this day, she made me feel like we

can do anything. <3


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