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Fall again

Sweet Fall.

Bringing us both a cool breeze, and hot afternoons. Birth and decay. A shift. In weather, spirit, and season.

Fall brings me opportunity to attend births that have a bit of magic about them. Home births where goodies are baking in the oven. Hospital births with twinkle lights, or cozy sweaters. Soft yellow light in the rooms at hours the rest of the world sleeps. And soft green moss, behind fading mushrooms. Warm colors. Warm souls.

Fall is my favorite. <3

I am taking a short blogging break, but will be back soon. October is almost at an end and I am busy cleaning up from epic birthday parties, sewing stitches into my sons obscure halloween costumes, drinking tea and running through leaves. Soon it will be November. My month of rest. My month of reflection. The month I was born, and the month I birthed, gained, and lost my little girl.

This time is for breathing deeply and taking space and trusting in the change from season to season.

But reach out, I want to hear your stories. I want to share space with you. However you identify, whatever journey you are facing, I'd love to share some smiles over tea or coffee, and listen to your dreams or sorrows.

Always here for you my loves. <3

Your Birth Photographer, Your storyteller, Your birthkeeper. <3


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