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North Carolina Photographer

This photo, warms my heart. It has captured a moment, that I don't often get to see. Me. Photographing a tender moment in a friends life.

My head tips, making space for light. My shoulders hold warmth and love. I am silent, I am steady; I am holding space for every emotion and every dream.

I am reminded, softly like a kiss from a snowflake; that I am doing my dream work. That I am in my soul position. That I am, and continue, walking down a path made just for me. In short- I am home.

Photography is my home. And while this moment was not captured at a birth, it was captured in another special moment- with a long time friend and birth client. It was so comfortably taken. Thats what I want for every birth mama.

I want them to feel comfortable, I want them to know me and my heart. I want to hold space for them. Like laying out a blanket in the sun. They may have just walked on by this pretty field of flowers, but because I have laid out a blanket for them, because I have asked them to lay and tell me their dreams- they have space. Space to dream, feel, birth, and rest.

This is my intention. <3

-Wildwood Birthkeeper

Cordelia-Grey Allen

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