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Something new!

I am happy to announce that we now have a newsletter!

Email lists have always felt intimidating to me, and I have done a pretty good job at running my business without the hassle. But alas, the time has come. I'm doing it in a way that will give instead of take. In a way that is fun and relevant. Not just another count in your inbox, but something you can draw inspiration and advice from. I needed a new way to keep in touch with past clients, to bring new and old readers back into my blogs, and to be able to update people on my terms.

Social media has a maze of ever changing algorithms that make it hard for people who want to see my posts, to actually and consistently see them. So think of this as a follow, just more direct and in your inbox. The best part? It's only a once a month email. Maybe occasionally 2 a month when something special comes up. Your information is always safe with me.

The Wildwood Window is an opportunity for you to stay connected with me, with our local birth community, and with the resources I create for the beautiful souls I am holding space for. You can expect updates from local events and news regarding the birth communities here in North Carolina, as well as all of the fun things you're used to here like birth stories and photography.

This is also the best way to subscribe to the blog, recent and favorite posts will be featured in each volume of the newsletter.

As always, this is a safe space.

If you would like to be featured in the newsletter, you can submit your own piece as a guest writer, to share your heart, your stories, your birth work journey. Just reach out and we will get it set up.

One of the features in this newsletter, will be a Q and A in each months volume, answering common or complex birth questions with advice and compassion. If you would like help with anything pregnancy, birth, or postpartum related- submit your questions Here

These will be anonymous in the feature. If this is a success, I will be creating a special place on the website for these questions as well.

Please share, invite, and enjoy!

To subscribe to the newsletter you can visit this link:

or visit the website blog space and fill in the bar at the top.

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