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Summer Storm- Falling Water

[Im sharing this session in two galleries. They both deserve all the love. This is the Falling water session. See my last post for the Wildwood Maternity session that followed these beautiful moments in the water, and for more of this story.]

Water holds memory, holds life. It holds the child within a mother. It helps salt flow from our eyes, and keeps our bodies well. It flows through all of life. Every plant, every animal, every human. It surrounds us, is within us. We are inseparable from the essence of water.

These tender moments are full of love, and in retrospect are touched with a grace and a spirit of gratitude. Though as you can see, this mother was never lacking in gratitude. She took deep breaths and spoke words of love over her child.She spoke kindly to herself, and cared for her body. She stood in this falling water. She held him, though she did not know yet his name, or if he was to be a boy. She knew him. She felt his spirit as the water poured over her hands, over her belly. She breathed, and thanked, and treasured. He lay in her womb full of life on this day. His life was too short. He passed away a few days later, still tucked in her womb. Held by the very water that nourished them both for so long.

As the water poured from this shower, so too did his sweet life pour out onto our hearts and through our eyes.

This beautiful wise woman, this doula and student midwife, this mother. She holds infinite universes within her. She cherishes her children. She grieves. And though she can not hold him any longer, though she can not tuck him in to bed, or feed his lips. She parents him. She loves him. She will forever mother, the child whom she loves. Grief is an echo of love that tastes of salt and passion.

It is a taste I know all too well, and one unique and incomparable. Especially the grief of a mother. <3

Sending so much love, and so much gratitude to this beautiful soul and her beautiful child who's life and name will forever be on my heart. <3

Ya-Neef, you are precious to us. May the water that falls from our eyes, find you again, and nourish your spirit.

Falling Water:

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