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Looking Back- #3 The one that was calm.

Let's take a look at this image right away. This was my third birth I ever attended. I fell in love with this photo. This photo moved me, it changed me. This was birth! This birth was so beautiful and calm, so


This was the birth I realized that women could be supported, and birth could be calm. It didn't have to be scary or painful or traumatizing. It could be good, beautiful, and whole.

I feel this birth down to my toes every time I remember what it was to be in this space. This moment! The doctor, with such kindness aided mom in the passing of her child through one world and to our earth, to her arms. Just before her first touch. This photo is raw, and blurry, and beautiful. Its not perfect, but It IS good.

However this next one, it's better. Not in technical terms. This next one, it just hits me.

I try to capture this moment in every single birth I photograph. This is THE moment for me. The moment where the bustle has settled, the baby is tucked safe into mamas arms, she tips her head back, she closes her eyes.

She did it.

She did it. The peace, the rest, the emotion on her face. It brings me peace, it fills me with rest, and it touches my soul in the most ethereal way. This is a glimpse of heaven if I have ever seen it. This is where my love affair with birth begins. I love this photo, it feels like it started so much in my world. And hopefully, in hers. This moment is all about the mama, and that is where my passion and my heart truly lye.

Last, we have a slightly overexposed (remember this was only my third birth haha!) photo of baby. The catch you could say. The details here make up for any errors in focus or exposure. So much hair! Those skin wrinkles! Mama's wedding ring to symbolize the love that brought this child here. So much goodness!

I love birth, and I am so enjoying reliving these births again in this series. I hope you are too! Leave me feedback, ask me questions, I love to talk about birth.

I love to connect with birth workers and parents from all walks of life. Im here for it all. Let us get a cup of coffee (virtual or in person!)


Sincerely, Your Wildwoodbirthkeeper. Your Greensboro Birth photographer. Your Winston-Salem birth keeper. Your birth worker for all of NC and beyond. Im here for it! I am here for you.

-Leann Allen


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