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Looking Back-#2 The one with silent strength.

Welcome hearts<3 dive in with me on another round of this reflective series; in which I share my top three favorite photos from a birth I have attended.

Round 2

This birth was the second birth I ever attended. It was quiet and serene and full of silent strength. Birth photography was something I was just stepping into, and the water of birth was drawing me in. I love looking back on these super early on births and remembering the emotions and first moments of my heart in this sacred space.

At this point in my journey, I was still rough with the camera settings and editing. I have been going back to re tweak the images from these old births- and its such a headache but also really fun.

This first image, was one I never even shared before. I had to include it in color and black and white because its just gorgeous. I loved this moment. This mama was such a silent birther, the whole space was tranquil. Dad played with her hair, she closed her eyes through contractions, and needed her own space. We gave it to her, and before we knew it a baby was born. It was so quick, and so beautiful. Look at all that sweet baby frosting! I just love it.

This next image, was really just a perfect sweet moment. This mother was so beautiful to me. Her hair, her freckles, just insanely beautiful. This is love<3 I really like how the re-edit on this one turned out. I love how this image draws your focus to the hands, the details there, ahhhh. And just slightly in the background, but with vital importance, this beautiful mama observing the new life in her arms.

My third favorite image from this birth, is this one. It kind of speaks for itself. I love love love seeing dads, all kinds of dads, holding their baby for the first time. I love how the light frames the portrait, it really speaks to the purity and amazing miracle that this moment can be.

Ahhhh, I just keep scrolling up to that first image in this post. <3

That's all for this one. I hope you are all enjoying the end of our little winter right now. I am getting so excited for spring and summer, and all the births to come this year!

-Your North Carolina birth photographer

and birth keeper,

Leann Allen


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