You got this! How to afford your Birth Photographer!

Birth photography is amazing. Not only does it capture all those precious fleeting moments, but it can also make a big difference on your postpartum recovery, and even future generations!

For more on "why birth photography?"

For more on why birth photography is an investment

There are SO many benefits to hiring a professional birth photographer but for some its definitely quite the investment. Birth photographers range anywhere from $600 to $2,000+

and you definitely get what you pay for. Birth Photography is super similar to weddings: memories you cant redo, emotional guests, priceless moments, high end equipment... except their is no time limit. There's no set date, and it could happen in the middle of the night! It's not for everyone, but its my life and I adore it. And I'd love to help you come up with fun and unique ways to make it attainable for you!

Tips and tricks for saving for birth photography~

1. Start early!

Planning a family? Just like planning a wedding, these moments can be prepared for years in advance. Set away the funds now when you have them, to save for capturing this special day! There is so much joy in having a child, and when you prepare for it in advance it only heightens the experience!

2. Payment Plan!

Yes! I accept payment plans. We can make a plan together to fit your budget. If there is not enough time until your birth, we can even create a custom extended plan, with the stipulation that you won't receive your images until payment is complete.

3. Hello Registry!

Many families forgo a baby registry, asking family and friends to contribute instead to hiring the birth photographer, newborn photographer, and doula. This is especially growing in popularity with the minimalism on the rise. Photos of these fleeting moments will outlast any plastic toy, and support and empowerment far outweigh the value of physical things. everyone can contribute to the memories this way! It is such an amazing way to let others be a part of your story. You can set this up early too, so that people who can't contribute now, have a chance to later in the pregnancy!

I offer a complimentary custom registry experience where I create a registry page just for you. This allows friends and family to contribute to your birth photography account with us. Your registry page will be customized to tell your story, and invite friends and family to contribute in any amount they desire to your photography in lieu of buying excess baby items that you probably wont need. This can be a great replacement for a baby registry, OR just an amazing addition to one you already have. You would be surprised how many people are willing to pitch in to help you capture these once in a lifetime moments! It really makes it so special too. Here is an example registry page.

4. Skip that Latte!

Coffee shop junkie? I'v been there! Many mama's choose to cut out caffeine anyway during pregnancy, so this is just one more benefit. Count up the number of times you pay for a $7 latte per week, and see how much you could be saving! Add in meals out to eat, impulse target buys, and salon trips, and you'd be amazed! It's just for a season, and its so worth it. Each time you would normally spend- take the amount and put it in a jar or saving account. Finding alternative ways to treat yourself at home can be so rewarding and fun, especially when you reach those goals!

5. Just save!

This one seems silly, but sometimes its just habit. When you don't budget, extra money gets spent every time. But if you pull out $ before its spent, and put it in a savings account or savings jar- you can avoid the temptations! Having a specific off limits place for your savings ensure their stability.

6. Downgrade your phone for a season!

We all love our latest smart phones, but maybe for a season you cut back on data usage, turn off the data for that extra tablet, or downgrade to an older model. Its amazing how much we spend on our phone bills without realizing it.

7. Subscriptions to... everything?

Modernly, this is where a HUGE chunk of peoples paychecks go. We spend money on subscribing to everything, streaming channels, movies, even groceries. Take a step back for a season, spend more time being present during the journey and save a little (or a lot) in the process! Plus when you come back after you have saved your goal, you will have that many more episodes to binge! You can also cut back on music, book, and dvd costs by utilizing your local library!

8. Nesting anyone?

Take those amazing nesting mama instincts and put them to good use. De-clutter the things you have duplicates of, or that don't bring you joy or practical use and sell them! We are notorious for collecting, but there is so much joy in a simple clean space, beneficial to adults and children. Go through your counters, closets, and beanie baby collections and see what you can make!

9. Buy second hand!

Not only does this save huge amounts of money, its also eco friendly! Some families commit to a "green" pregnancy and baby, cutting out the demand for consumer products can make a huge impact on the environment. I personally have used this tip A LOT! I found my entire maternity wardrobe second hand, and that included name brand products. Second hand doesn't mean poor quality or style! You can buy second hand clothing, baby items, nursery decor, home decor, kitchen supplies, really everything!

10. Barter!

This one isn't always an option, but it can be so rewarding! Paying too much for babysitting, cars being fixed, hair being done, ect? See if you have something to offer that the other person providing the service might need! This can be great for one time services to save money, and even for birth photography. If you have something (chiropractic care, massage, own a salon, ect) worth trading for, don't be afraid to bring it up and see if you can make a fair trade!

I hope these tips can help you, if you have any more I should add feel free to chime in!


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