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Dear Birth worker...

I am a strong believer in community over competition, and I value a supported mother above all else. As deeply as families need birth support- birth workers need each other.


Sometimes, we find a client who would be better served by someone else- someone who better represents their birth plan, desires, ideals, or culture. Sometimes birth doesn't go as planned, and we spend every piece of energy we have to hold space for our clients grief, and then are left with our own. Sometimes we have to refer, we have to call upon others. We need connections, partnerships, and friendships with other souls who understand this world. For our clients, for ourselves, for our community. 

I am an active participant in many birth worker circles and communities, and am always looking for more individuals to connect with. 


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Hello doula, birthkeeper, or birth worker! I am a birthkeeper, a title I have chosen to represent my unique journey through birth work. I have chosen not to use the term doula, but I absolutely respect those who do. have taken doula trainings and offer doula type support to my clients in addition to other specialties. I am not a midwife and do not provide any medical services. Sometimes my clients choose to hire two separate people for doula work and photography. I love working with other doulas in the birth space, and love building relationships surrounded by birth and community. I would love to talk to you about your back up needs, grab a cup of coffee/tea, or be there to listen if you need a birthy friend. I am an openminded birthkeeper, and I support mothers through every type of birth experience- but am often referred to for unique birth situations like outdoor birth, unassisted birth, home birth, and lotus birth (or lotus cesarean birth). If you have a client that needs something you can't offer- please reach out. I would be happy to help you find what they are looking for, even if its not me. Check out my resources page for client resources, help lines, education, and printables. I am also open to partnerships and sharing on call time.
If we have a client in common, I would love to connect before their birth. I would also love to talk to you about my referral program that exchanges birth photography referrals for images to use for your website and social media. Photographing doulas and birth workers doing their heart work- is one of my most treasured tasks. Regardless of if we work together or not, if you are looking for photographs to represent your birth work, please reach out. I would love to help create images that truly speak to you and your clients.


Sweet Midwife! You have my heart. I can barely begin to express how deeply grateful I am for your services. Local midwives- I honor your choice to take and serve on this path, in a state that makes it so difficult. Midwives everywhere- Your work matters. So so much. You know that, I know that, but I want the world to know it. The choice to pursue midwifery is a sacred calling- one I have not yet felt. I feel that I am right where I am supposed to be. Part of my calling, is to support you, the midwife. When I enter a space with you, I bring with me peace and all the respect. When I serve our beautiful birth mothers, I do so with a deep trust in their intuition and in your knowledge and care. The midwifery model of care is something I deeply believe in. Care individualized, with special attention to the spiritual, emotional, and mental journeys- not just the physical. Birth work is in my bones, and it is something I will always be a part of. If you need a birth worker by your side who is in it for the long haul- please contact me. 
When I found birth, it was more like it found me. I am dedicated to this life, and would be honored to connect with you, support you, and do what I can to honor your role in the world of birth care. 
If you need professional birth images, photographs of you working and providing care, photographs to fill your walls and work space, or anything else- I would love to build a partnership with you. 
Midwives in training- I would love to share and support your efforts, and provide you with any photography or birth keeper services you need as well. 
OB's- I would love to connect with you and support you as well. Any Midwife or OB who values full birth support, informed consent, photography, gentle care, and the role of other birth workers-  has my heart. I believe in deep and loving support in every type of birth experience. 


Pictures of people taking pictures of people taking pic.... if you get it you get it. Both the song (by Jack Johnson) and the lifestyle. Something unique about the birth world that just isn't super present in the photography world- is community over competition. Honestly, it is a breath of fresh air. If you are a photographer who is stuck in the competition mindset- lets get a cup of coffee and shake you out of it. Seriously it will change your life to change this "rule."As much as birth workers need each other, photographers do too! 
I absolutely love the dear photographers I have met over the years. We go on photo walks, trade. secrets, share locations, build each other up, and truly honor one another's work. If you are ANY type of photographer, I would love to connect with you and build something. If you are not in the birth world, I can refer you clients- I only photograph birth and documentary experiences

If you are a birth photographer, I am ALWAYS looking for back up options, and available to work as a back up. I am also always looking for people to share on call time with. Sometimes my client needs something different then what I offer, as a big believer of finding the right birth support- I will be the first to refer out when I am just not the right fit.
Also, I just really love to talk about birth and photography. Coffee? Tea? Let's connect. 

If you are BRAND NEW in the birth world, or in photography, and have questions on getting started or growing, please reach out. We need more birth workers of all kinds- especially black birth workers and birth workers of different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. I am working on creating mentorship opportunities, and have a ton of heart and knowledge to share. 

Lastly- I love doing brand work for other birth photographers and birth workers- and would love to help photograph your vibe, your brand, your heart. We can trade sessions, or work out a deal. 
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