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A Wildwood Journey

Your Wildwood experience starts here, but I know that your journey really started long before this. Maybe the first time you looked at your future spouse, or the first time you heard a baby laugh. Maybe this was a dream you have always had. Maybe it wasn't until the lines turned pink. However you came to be here, facing this big question of motherhood, I want to honor your journey as you search for your own truths. Whether it was a surprise, or a plan, a choice, or a whoops, a first time, or your tenth child. It is new. 

Mama nurses her newborn baby girl with a pink swaddle blanket

I believe that when a child is born, so is a mother. Pregnancy changes our bodies, and gives us glimpses of a future- a glimmer of magic to come. But birth... it transforms our soul. It transitions us, from one form to the next. Much like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. It is beautiful. However, did you know that when a caterpillar builds a cocoon around itself, it must first dissolve its entire body before it begins to rebuild its new shape? I imagine its not always a comfortable transition. Like birth, there is power and discomfort, and a great shift of nature when one thing transitions to the next. A caterpillar doesn't contemplate how big its wings will be with disgust. We don't judge a butterfly for not keeping its youthful shape. This is how I see motherhood. A becoming. Not a falling apart, or a belly to get rid of. I don't see someone that needs to bounce back, or retain her prior elasticity. I see golden skin, that has stretched out like butterfly wings. Stretch marks of divine design that were always meant to be a part of your body map. I see soft space, perfect for little hands and cheeks to rest on. 

I promise when I walk beside you, I am walking with an open heart and I am honoring every part of you, your child, and this becoming. 

Are you ready? Send me a message here, we will connect and begin the next part of this journey. 

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