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Wildwood Session Experiences


For all the moments between. These session types can be combined, customized, or rebuilt to fit the photographers vision and the clients needs. 

A truly unique and magical experience. A journey to an ethereal location, to discover a hidden North Carolina waterfall. Tucked into a womb shaped cove in the mountains above Greensboro, here we will travel,

swim, rest, and bathe in the connections

nature inspires within our souls.  

A pregnant mother relaxes on a rock near a waterfall during maternity session in Winston-Salem, NC

Take a break. Tuck your soul
into a beautiful 
North Carolina forest. 
Take this invitation and let me book you a peaceful stay in a Getaway Cabin. Unwind, take a breath away from the bustle and mess of life.
I will come at a pre decided point in your stay and document a warm restful connection between you and nature, and anyone you choose to bring along. Magical photos and truly peaceful memories that you will hold in your hearts forever. Perfect for baby moons, soulmates, or self discovery journeys.  

A couple snuggle together in a Getaway Cabin in North Carolina

Prices subject to date and stay length

Making space to celebrate the love,

the touch, the quiet moment before. 
Especially for couples
looking to

cherish this miracle of life and

the bonds it can create.

Designed to be as modest

or free spirited as you are.


 To honor the water within us, around us, and connecting us all. An intention moment of quiet, space for you and your baby to connect within the water, the warmth, this serenity, this home. Designed to be as modest or as free spirited as you are. For any
season in your motherhood journey. 

Water showering against a pregnant belly during intimate maternity session in North Carolina

Sit, lay, snuggle up. Inhale and exhale. Treasure the moments of love we create as I hold space for you and document frames within your pregnancy. IIn the woods, or in your home, wherever you feel the most like yourself is the ideal location for these sessions. Make space for this, and we will make space for every emotion while we document. This beautiful complex beginning will not be forgotten.

A pregnant mother wearing a black bra and a cream and mustard wrap shows her belly during maternity session in Greensboro

To cherish the miraculous bonds of motherhood. To honor the journey your body has traveled through. To document... The stretch marks, the tear stains, the milk and the grace. Raw and ethereal motherhood.

WildwoodBirthkeeper- PostpartumFallingwaterShaWS-94.jpg

A truly magical experience for all.

Heal and honor your bond in a warm and relaxing bath with nourishing milk and herbs. Completely customizable. A quiet and peaceful way to document a miraculous season of life.
For any season of parenthood.


When you have found the one whom your soul loves. Find a bed. A bath. A waterfall, or some quiet corner of your home or the woods. As I document, you connect. This experience is tender, laid back, and aims to document the magic at the heart of your relationship. For any soulmates. 

To be a witness to love, growth, and personal history in the making is a blessing to me. I center myself before each and every session, so that I may hold space for you. My energy is calm, and loving. My respect and awareness of emotion is elevated. I want this session to give you time and space to feel, to connect, and to breathe. 

Documenting our breath, our moments of stillness and movement, documenting the beautiful raw reality of where we are right now at this very minute. This is your life, and my dear it is worth rememberingRemembering is powerful. The moments we let our mind bring up again and again, will stay with us forever and shape our future. If these are moments of intention, love, and light, we will be ever better for it. We will only invite more of the same into the home that is our heart and family.
These photos will make the remembering easier. 


I do not believe in adhering to strict rules, boundaries, limits. I work differently, I live differently. 

I honor my clients, and they give me the gifts of trust and respect. This allows me to hold space for you fully, and to create the art you have come to me for. 

So, within reason I tell you this

There is no set time limit

We are not constrained to a session type

I do not limit the number of photos delivered in a gallery

I am an artist in the way I live, love, and serve. I can give guidelines and boundaries when needed, but for the most part, I trust the process. I take time to think about angles and lighting, and sometimes I pause to settle my heart rate. Sometimes my camera clicks fast, sometimes its a slow steady waiting for the right moment kind of click. Sometimes babies need extra time, we can break to talk or process memories. If you need a breath of space, ask. If you have an idea, suggest it. 

We can combine a few of my session types together, and take chances. I am here for the adventure. I trust what is meant to happen will happen. This session will be what it was meant to be, and hopefully in that, it will be ever more valuable to you. Anyone can pose for a glamor shot, or post to instagram with perfect spaces and faces and captions, but that's not what I'm about. I'm here for what's real, for finding the ethereal beauty in the tender vulnerability of body mind and soul. I embrace the milk drops, the stretch marks, the laugh lines, and the sun. The shadows, the home without staging, the promises made between two souls when they press or hold or cradle. I am here for the work in progress. For the life that's still being built. I am here for the most authentic everchanging parts, trusting in their value and in their everlasting impact. For when we are real, we create space for real things to touch us, to move us, to bless us. When we are real, our children will be also. When we find beauty in this, we will find peace apart from insecurity, and love that resonates with our soul.  

I want to highlight this feeling and embody this spirit with my art.

Before our session, I will text you some tips for preparing.

During our session, I may suggest ideas or change plans, led by intuition and inspiration. Some ideas will work out, some I will scrap while editing. I ask that you trust the process, and let go of expectations so you can fully receive the gift of art I present you with when we are finished. 

I do not believe in adhering to strict rules, boundaries, limits. I work differently, I live differently. 

I honor my clients, and they give me the gifts of trust and respect. This allows me to hold space for you fully, and to create the art you have come to me for. 

All sessions are $400 
discount available for birth workers and return clients.

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