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A mother adoringly holding her newborn babe

The Experience

Every part of your experience with me will be personalized to fit your needs, your dreams, your vision. I have designed an experience to honor you, to wrap you in confidence and care. 

As a mother myself, I know how hard it can be to ask for help and how valuable and rare true care and support can be. When you are with me, you won't have to ask to be checked on, to be loved, to be known. I work professionally and selflessly, with intuition and a skill for reading peoples emotions and needs in a way that allows me to serve them with beautiful attention to detail.
I infuse healing, peace, and love into every service I offer. I am much more than a photographer or a birth worker, I am your Birthkeeper. 
We will have a short conversation over text or email, and set up a virtual meeting.

During this zoom call, we will have a laid back and easy conversation. I will listen with an open heart to your birth intentions and visions. I will listen and hold space for your dreams, your losses, your previous soul journeys, and anything else you want to share with me. I am a safe space to talk about trauma, history, medical information, and more. I am here for the hard topics and I am here for the soft. My hope is to give you a space to breathe into your next steps, to make a connection with you,
and to allow you to get a good feel for who I am.
If we both feel that I am the right fit for your birth team, we will move on together in this journey. 
I will send you a link to ease you through the booking process.

During pregnancy we will build up a trust and a familiarity, as I check in and take time to understand your birth education and intentions. Together we will build a birth intentions outline, prepare for specific circumstances, combat the what if questions with informed decision making, celebrate peace, give room for fear to transform, and hold space for anything else that comes up along the way. I am here during this time to provide care and guidance and to support you or connect you with resources as your needs arise. For those that opt for fuller packages, we will also take this time to cultivate photography experiences, documenting the raw and tender authentic parts of this enchanting season of growth and discovery. 

Care visits are an essential part of this process.

In your birth space

My intention in birth, is to give you the space you need to find that wildwood place. 
That internal place where we surrender our intentions and allow our bodies to move us forth,
where we follow the lead of the birth that is happening, not just the birth we desire.
My work is about spirit and trust and surrender.

Please note: I do not provide any medical services.

I am here for you as your photographer, your Birthkeeper.
To bring education, peer emotional support, spiritual care, and light. 

My energy here, is so intentional.

I am able to read energy and offer the support you need in the moment, adapting, observant, with a steady calm presence. I can be a quiet holder of space, or the gentle voice of encouragement. I can guide hands and words, allowing your spouse or children to find their courage to be a living part of the birth process. I believe in following the lead of the laboring person. I believe your body will lead you to the movements and supports that will benefit you most. While following this lead of your instincts, I can offer pain relief techniques, and ideas on how to navigate the different waves of labor. I can help you manifest your birth intentions and  navigate the changes and shifts that may come up. I can help you protect the energy in your birth space, so you can internalize and fall into that place of instinct that allows your body to do what it was created for.
So much of this is based in the work we do before we enter your birth space. 
In the birth space itself- the majority of our work will be in the motion and adaption, in the labor dance.
If your support team is robust, I will shift my role to a more flexible presence while I document for you,
aiming to blend into your team and help your team blend into your space in a way that fosters
community and patience.
I will tenderly document your story while holding the soft and sacred energy
that is mandatory of birth. I am skilled at taking your photos in a way

that is never intrusive or harmful to the birthing process.

I support births of all types, families of all types. For questions on your specific birth venue or plan, please contact me. Typically I arrive at your birth when you are in active labor, before things get too intense, but after your contractions have developed a steady pattern. Each birth and person is so unique, so we will work together to determine the perfect window of time for me to arrive.


The postpartum sanctuary is sacred.

I typically share space with you for about 2-4 hours after your baby is born,
This time frame depends on the package you have purchased, the length of your birth, 
and the unique needs that present during this time.

I carefully document all of those beautiful skin to skin moments, the first glances and smiles, the soft rest.
My intention is to document and witness, not to pose or organize.
I thrive in raw moments of emotion, I honor the messy perfect imperfection of life, birth, and family just as it unfolds.
Just as it is.

If time allows I also document special moments. Details of baby meeting other souls for the first time earthside, cord burning ceremonies or other traditions, baby getting their first weight and height checks. 

During this time in addition to photography, I continue to observe and process the needs in the space. I may help with nursing, that first latch. I will listen and follow your first steps in processing the birth experience that has unfolded. 
I may help implement those first actions in your postpartum plan, or just give you time to settle into 
something comfortable before I take my leave.

When I step back, I want you to have space and confidence to bond with your newborn. Within the next day or so, I may send you a sneak peak of photos and/or a social media announcement graphic
if I have a photo that I think will work for one. 

If our journey continues I may help you coming home from your birth space, or settling in at home a few days after birth. I can help you with many things during our postpartum visits. I am especially fond of helping you create a postpartum intentions plan, to protect your mental health and promote the healthy bonding experience every new mom needs. This is usually done pre-birth, but can be started and implemented at any time postpartum. Even if I have not served in your birth or prenatal spaces, I am happy to hold space for you while you process and heal. I am also trained in PMADS, and can help you problem solve when these storms come up, working to 
connect with any needed resources.

My favorite time to use one of your postpartum care visits, is a few weeks or months after your birth.
After you have had the time to process and relive in your own memories. 

In six to eleven weeks after birth, you will be given a digital link to your finished edited photos. This time frame is both for my own process, and to give you time to process without the influence of photos. I take great care in editing. As I process your photos, I am also re-living and experiencing every moment of our journey together. I do not share my birth blog until months later, sometimes longer. While I am passionate about writing and sharing these stories, words, and photos, before I share I want to understand where you are at with it. I take great care to storytell in a way that honors my clients birth experiences, while being intentional about expressing that the writing I do is from my unique lens of view. 

When you are ready to receive your photos we can review them together, or you can do this in your own time. Viewing photos may be emotional. The photos may reflect on your birth space in a way that you were not expecting, or a way that is different from how you are remembering your birth. This can be both stretching, and incredibly healing, and I try to be super mindful of that. Birth photos are a powerful way to process and understand a new layer of the
spiritual and physical journeys we have transitioned thru. 

You will receive a link that helps you navigate the process of choosing your favorite photos and adding them to a list. I will draw from this list, while using my artistic eye to select the best photos for your
prints, albums, and any other items purchased. 

When the prints are ready, we will have a relaxed meet up, that may also
double as a care visit or postpartum photography experience. The postpartum photography experience
may also be intentionally documented before we order or deliver your prints.

You will be given a treasure box, that holds a digital flash drive and any prints or products you have purchased. 
If we haven't already, at this time we can process your birth together. 

One of the unique photography experiences you may choose is a "rebirth session" in which we will create a safe space, in a milk bath, or a forest, or anywhere you would like to recreate or reprocess your birth. During this quiet and peaceful session I will document your bond with your baby, listen and give you space to truly feel your emotions, and together we will rediscover anything in your birth story that needs to be opened, released, or treasured.

Where and when our journey shifts apart, lays in your hands, based on your needs and selections.

The Wildwood experience has been designed with the birthing person in mind, and the family at heart.
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