A mother adoringly holding her newborn babe

The Experience

Every part of your experience with me will be personalized to fit your needs, your dreams, your vision. I have designed an experience to honor you, to wrap you in confidence and care. 
As a mother myself, I know how hard it can be to ask for help and how valuable and rare true care and support can be. When you are with me, you won't have to ask. I work professionally and selflessly, with intuition and a skill for reading peoples emotions and needs in a way that allows me to serve them with beautiful attention to detail.
I infuse healing, peace, and love into every service I offer. I am much more then a birth worker, I am your Birthkeeper. 

To Begin your journey

We will have a short conversation over text or phone call, and set up an in person meeting.  I will send you a short questioner that will allow me to prepare for our meeting together. I will also send you my
contract, so you can read it over before we meet.

We will meet up, have a laid back and easy conversation over coffee or tea. I will listen with an open heart to your birth plans, your visions for this time, and get to know you. My hope is to make a connection with you, and allow you to get a good feel for who I am. If I am the right fit for your birth team, we will move on together in this journey,
sign contracts, and set up any payment plans or future meetings that may been needed.

During pregnancy, I will check in on you, ensure you are being cared for and are able to take time for selfcare or breaks when needed. I can help you create a birth plan, prepare for specific circumstances, battle birth fears, and teach you ways to find peace and comfort during the different trimesters. If your needs are beyond me I can help you find the resources you need. We may also do any other photos sessions purchased during this time.
Care visits may be used during pregnancy or postpartum. 

In your birth space

My goal in birth, is to seamlessly mold myself into your team.
I do not provide any medical services.
I am here for you as a photographer, a Birthkeeper, a friend. To bring education, support, spiritual care, and light. Your experience with me at your birth is completely dependent on what you need and desire.
I will learn your rhythms and offer the support you need in the moment, adapting, observant, with a steady calm presence. I can be a quiet holder of space, or give you gentle encouragement. I can help your spouse or children find helpful ways to be a part of the process. I believe in following the lead of the laboring person. I believe your body will lead you to the movements and supports that will benefit you most. While following the lead of your instincts, I can offer pain relief techniques, and ideas to cross any hurdles that may come along. I can help you navigate your birth plan and any changes that may come up. I can help you find your center and help you find new ways to draw on your inner strength. I can help you protect the energy in your birth space, so you can internalize and fall into that place of instinct that allows your body to do what it was created for. If you have a great support team already in place and are hiring me for photography- I will capture your story while still holding the type of energy needed for your birth space. I am very skilled at taking your photos in a way
that is never intrusive or harmful to the birthing process.
I support births of all types, families of all types. For questions on your specific birth venue or plan, please contact me.  Typically I arrive at your birth when you are in active labor, before things get too intense, but after your contractions have developed a steady pattern.  Each birth and person is so unique, so we will work together to determine the perfect window of time for me to arrive, and all other details.


I typically stay with you 1-3 hours after your baby is born. I capture all of those beautiful skin to skin moments, and if time allows some details of baby meeting family or getting their first weight and height checks. The time I stay depends on how long the birth was, and what the needs are collectively. 
During this time in addition to photography, I can continue supporting you. I can help with nursing, that first latch, walk you through baby care and care of your own body for the first few days. I can teach you swaddle techniques, nursing tricks, help you implement the first parts of your postpartum plan,
and help you with anything else that may come up.
After I leave, you will have space and confidence to bond with your newborn. If our journey continues I can help you coming home from your birth space, or settling in at home a few days after birth. I can help you with many things during our postpartum visits. I am especially fond of helping you create a postpartum plan, to protect your mental health and promote the healthy bonding experience every new mom needs, this is usually done pre-birth, but can be started and implemented at any time postpartum. I am also trained in PMADS, and can help you when these things come up,
connecting you with any needed resources.
see  care visits   for more info
When your photos are done, we will have a relaxed meet up in your home, a coffee shop, or in my home.
You will be given a treasure box, that holds your digital birth photos, and a beautiful array of prints. If we haven't already, we will process your birth together, and talk about how we will get the photos you love the most out of the digital world and into your hands and home- via timeless
heirloom prints, albums, and wall art.
The Wildwood experience has been designed with the mother in mind, and the family at heart.
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