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My favorite birth story, is a birth story full of support. The right support can make a world of difference on your journey. This page is just a starting point. Please reach out if you are searching for help with birth fear, trauma, birth or parenthood education, mental illness, grief, hospital restrictions, medical care navigation, lactation support; reach out if you are looking for a black birth worker or a birth worker of color or of a specific heritage, or for a birth worker who speaks your language. If you looking for local support of any kind (I have connections world wide)- or if you need help with anything else, my inbox is open. 

It is important to me that you feel prepared and supported- regardless if hiring me to be a part of your team is in the plans or not. Birth teams are personal, and I will be the first one to refer you out if either of us feel like you need something different. Birth work is built on community, not competition. 

Please enjoy the resources I have gathered below, and check back as I am updating this page regularly.

Please join our community Facebook group! This group is for families, for birth workers, for connection and support. This group is a safe space for us to grow and learn and live together. 

Dr. Berlin's Informed Pregnancy Podcast Logo

This podcast has made an incredible impact on my personal life and my birth work, and continues to inspire me. This is one of the best resources I could share. It will especially be helpful for mothers and their support people, anyone preparing for birth, and those working in birth fields. It's easy to put on while your driving or working or cleaning. Hearing these stories and "meeting" these guests, is inspiring and educational. You can find peace in these birth stories, pick up tips for managing fears and expectations on every type of birth journey, connect with widespread resources, and find unique solutions for things we may face on our reproductive and parenthood paths. 

Dr. Berlin is dedicated to sharing tangible information on deep and wide aspects of birth, postpartum, childcare, and pregnancy. He is open minded, an advocate for women's birthing rights, committed to learning, finding information for others, and committed to sharing evidence based care and information. He also encourages feedback and topic suggestions for future episodes. 

"Based in CA, Dr. Elliot Berlin is an award winning prenatal chiropractor, childbirth educator and labor doula. His Informed Pregnancy® Project aims to utilize multiple forms of media to compile and deliver unbiased information about pregnancy and childbirth to empower new and expectant parents to make informed choices regarding their pregnancy and parenting journey."

There is so much opportunity here. Every episode has something amazing to offer. From breech birth, to roadside delivery, fitness during pregnancy, Chinese medicinal care, birth and labor mythology... and so much more. It's also pretty fun to hear real and down to earth birth stories from the celebrities we grew up with and look up to. You can find a few of my favorite episodes here on the left, and I urge you to head to the website or podcast on apple to learn more and see the full range of episodes available.

"You are not alone, you are not to blame, and with help you will be well again."

This is the mission statement, and welcoming line on the postpartum support international movement. It touches my heart in a real way. 

1 in 7 Moms and 1 in 10 Dads suffer from postpartum depression. (these numbers are constantly increasing and have been impacted severely by pandemic and world events of late) PMADS, or perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are common, real, and not "in your head" These include postpartum depression, anxiety, ocd, psychosis, panic disorders, ptsd from birth, and more.

There are SO many resources, options for healing, and people who want to help. Please don't go through this alone! As someone who went through this personally, I can not begin to explain how far a little help can go. Support changes the world, It gives you a path away from the trauma, away from the pain. It gives you room to breathe. From support groups, to therapists, to doctors, to doulas for postpartum support, to house care, and more- PSI can connect you to the exact help you need, and if you don't know what you need- help you figure that out. They are dedicated, and so am I. Please reach out! 

There are specific support groups and resources for people of color, Dad's, for online support, for military families, for Spanish and Arabic families, and more.

PSI also has support groups for moms of loss. Reach out to me, or PSI for more information and support if you are grieving. 

Postpartum support international logo
Suicide prevention lifeline

Loss, grief,  angels


Still birth, is still birth. 

Life, no matter how short, is meaningful. I am a loss mom myself, and it is so important to me to build up this section of my page. There are not nearly enough resources for moms and families of loss. I hope to change that as I grow my brand and my presence in the community. 

Resources for loss~

Please view my blog for advice and support for this topic and many others. 


Photography and Birthkeeper Services

I offer my services to every birth, every gestation, every stage. 

As your Photographer and Birthkeeper, I am here for you. Let me help you get through the hardest moments, cry with you, hold you, and help you find meaningful ways to honor your baby's birth. This work is important to me. I can help you get through these hours with support and gentle care, I can help you navigate your rights in these tender circumstances, and I can help you begin a healthy journey of grief.


My rates are the same here as in any birth package, I do not believe in cheapening any part of this- your baby's birth is JUST as important to me, as any. I want to give you my all, I make room in my packages for support that goes above and beyond, and this truly allows me to offer and afford such exemplary care. These photos, will be ones you will look back on for all the years to come, they might be the only memories you have with your baby and I take that responsibility so seriously. If you choose to book me for your birth, no matter how it turns out, I pledge to give you my all with my camera, with my heart, and with my hands as I hold space for you in every birth and every life.

I offer flexible payment plans and can help you fundraise, or start a registry to help pay for your care and any other expenses you may pick up during your journey.

Please do not forget that if you experince loss, your body will still experience a postpartum season. In fact, after loss physical and mental healing can take even longer. I offer care visits for this purpose and encourage massage and talk therapy during this time.


Individuals and companies willing and able to provide compassionate 
prenatal or postpartum cleaning services. Contact them for quotes, more detailed service areas,

and mention
me/this website
to redeem their offer.
Kara Clancy  ~  $50 off first whole home cleaning
 The Triad area, willing to travel

Briana  ~  $15 off first clean or mystery upon (5-15% off)
336.80.5216    Spanish, English, ASL

Liberty NC, Triad area, willing to travel

Faith Hope Love Cleaning
Wendy Ortega  ~  $35 off first cleaning
336.803.5478      Spanish, English

Greensboro NC, High Point NC, and surrounding areas
Glow Up Cleaning Co.  
Elizabeth  ~  

The Triad area, willing to travel
Maid in Camel City
Keely Watson  ~  $25 off first clean

The Triad area, willing to travel

Salty Sands Cleaning
Jessica Romine  ~  extra service or 10% off first cleaning 

Greensboro NC, Myrtle Beach SC, surrounding areas
Amanda East
Swept Clean Services  ~ 

Eden, NC - Rockingham County


A large organization with many resources within, for "mothers enduring neonatal death." Support groups, books, and more.

I adore everything Jenny creates. Her custom work portrays families, birth workers, angel babies, and women in the most ethereal ways. Her figurines are a beautiful gift to give and receive. 

I have ordered from Gabrielle more times then I can count. Her work is not specific to loss, but she understands grief and love and motherhood deeply. Her jewelry has brought me healing, peace, and I am so blessed to know her. A resource for EVERY women, man, and child. Her work is truly for everyone. My family is always wearing something from her shop, and she customizes every piece specific to your needs and taste.

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