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 (buttons, notebooks, etc)


I have designed each coloring page with love. Some are inspired by births I have attended, and others are from the heart of my imagination or various muses. It is my goal to design these pages as affirmations, encouragement. I want to uplift you in your birth choices and realities, that you may spent time in meditation or affirmation or prayer as you color, and envision and surrender and accept. Find your center, find your tools, and let them bring you peace and love and light as you create alongside me in these spaces.

Check back frequently. This is what I work on when I am curled up in front of a tv or audiobook during my rest times. They are literally lined with rest and good intention and self love. I will be updating these options frequently! 

Birthworkers and Professionals~

contact me to set up a discount in exchange for referrals! 

For custom artwork or coloring pages based on your photos, please reach out. <3

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