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Birth Photography 

I have one package, and two add on services.

The main package includes 24\7 on call time from the moment you booked. If you go into labor early, late, or on time- I will be there for you. 

This package also includes an in person meet up before birth, a full gallery, and an extra photo session experience.


An extra layer of support is always a good idea. This add on starts with a beautiful spiritual and emotional pre-birth preparation process. A dive into your own birth culture and life experiences, to reflect on where you are, where you have come from, and how to reach where you want to be.

We will explore your emotions, face and find ways to move through your fears, and create a birth plan that serves your needs.


We will also create a postpartum plan, a vital and often overlooked part of birth care.

This add on also includes extra support during your birth as needed, and an additional visit that can be used as a healing photo session or a care visit during your postpartum months.

+ support


Add on prints to your package, for a beautiful luxury keepsake box full of special memories. The box is imprinted with your babies name, and will hold a fine art circular print, eleven 7x10 fine art prints, and some extra surprises. All prints are printed on a beautiful sustainable cotton material. Tree free, and made to stand the test of time.

+ prints


If you are in a vulnerable place financially- please reach out.

I have options for you. 

If you are interested in an heirloom photo album, canvases, magnets, extra flash drives, photo sessions, or meet up's let me know during booking for a custom package.

I work differently. 

- I don't limit my on call time to certain weeks.

- I practice a community > competition mindset and lifestyle.
- I document birth, regardless of location. Home birth supportive. Hospital birth supportive.
- I document birth at any gestation, including miscarriage and still birth.
- I deeply understand and support Autism and other forms of nerodivergancy.
- I understand and support PMADS, I have trained with Postpartum Support International.

- I support and affirm the LGBTQIA+ community and individuals
- I continuously attend classes, conferences, and trainings to further my education in birth, and to further my sensitivity and understanding in humanity, in all forms of bias and racism. I strive to be a safe space, and am always open to correction and change. 
- You will always receive all of your edited photos in a luxury online gallery. 
- My photography sessions are raw and real. They are unique experiences. 
- I live outside of time during photo sessions and birth. I do not charge by time.
- I treasure and pamper my clients.
- I can pray with you, meditate with you, help you find your center in moments of stress. Observe and hold space for your traditions, spirituality, and religion. I am open minded, always willing to learn, and believe strongly in the power of words and energy.
- I travel for birth. I have unique connections that allow me a wide range of service.
- I accept some forms of bartering as payment or partial payment for sessions and birth support.
- I strive to use sustainable and recycled products in every step of my business, and only work with companies who do the same.


- I am a Birthkeeper. This means I have a unique reverence for the sacred act of birth. I am not just an extra body with a camera. I am an educated, intentional, safe member of your birth care team. I will hold space for you.

Black and white portrait of CordeliaGrey Oriana Allen, Winston-Salem birth photographer & Doula

When I show up, I bring all of me. The silent observing artist, the intentional writer, the quiet empath. The experienced photographer, the wise woman, the holder of sacred space. 

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