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husband embracing his wife, holding her steady as her body rides the waves of this contration

Hold her, not a camera.

A new father holding his baby girl for the first time, skin to skin kangaroo care

For the dads.

A joy filled mother before her cesarean birth

To document the Joy...

A child tenderly placing her hand on her mothers womb, as the mother breathes through a cotraction.

...the tenderness


...the power.

For those precious details, so quickly forgotten.

sweet baby toes full of wrinkles and pink goodness

For this moment..

...for every moment.

Why Birth Photography?

Birth photography is unposed. It is about candid moments, emotions, the journey. It is about preserving the most precious seconds of life. Moments that are made at the height of emotion, they can not be paused or repeated. Your child's birth only happens once. And its very likely that you won't remember most of it. The hormones released during birth, create a safe space, an instinctual environment that is great for birthing, but not great for remembering. Many mothers find that they cant remember what their baby looked like that day, they cant clearly see those little toes, or remember the moment their husband met their baby girl for the first time. These moments when captured, can help you piece back together those fuzzy memories, completing your story in your mind. This is extremely beneficial in helping you process your birth. 

When a birth is everything you want it to be, it preserves those memories forever and lets you relive them with such joy. It brings color and vibrance to every beautiful moment.
When your birth does NOT go according to plan, or isn't the experience you wished it to be, these photos can bring you healing and help your mind see the beauty and the strength even within the hardest moments. Birth photography is a priceless tool for your mental health. 
It can be an heirloom, to pass down to your children and their children. In births of loss, it can preserve your babies life, however short, and give you something to hold on to when they are gone.

I have never met anyone who regretted hiring a birth photographer. I have met dozens of mamas who regret not hiring one. Many of my clients are moms on their 2nd-5th+ pregnancy who are longing for moments from their first births that they desperately wish they could get back. It makes my heart so happy when a first time mama reaches out to me, knowing the value of this before she regrets missing it.

Birth photography shows women their strength, their beauty. Not in spite of how we are created but because of it.

Birth photography also brings a unique gift to this generation. For the first time in history, women can prepare for birth and SEE what it looks like. They can see women that look just like them, birthing in beautiful amazing ways. This is powerful. Representation matters. Birth, used to be this dirty secret, that no one spoke of, and if it was spoken about it was done in fear. For the first time, we are embracing birth, and it is freaking amazing. 

Birth Photography can make a huge impact on your life, on the future mothers out there, and on your family. It allows your team to focus, allows each member to fill their role without distraction, it allows your husband to support you without worrying about holding a camera. His hands are free to touch you, hold you, encourage you. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when hiring a birth photographer, is to
choose someone who is the right fit for YOUR birth. You need to meet them, and make sure you like their energy, and trust their judgment. You need to make sure they support your birth plans, and won't bring fear or judgment into your space. You also want to make sure they know their stuff- in birth and photography. Ask them how they handle loss, transfer, obstetric violence. Ask the hard questions and choose someone who won't abandon you or misuse your time. It takes special training, a special personality, and special equipment to handle the unique aspects of birth photography. Not every photographer can handle it. Birth photographers must have gear AND the skills to work in low light and emotionally heightened situations. They must also be able to honor the birth space, and live an on call lifestyle. They have to be able to work well with drs, nurses, midwives, and family. Do not assume, ask. Anyone can claim a title of birth photographer or birth worker.
Please hire a professional, meet them, and ask them every question needed to make sure you feel comfortable with them. Check out their reviews, make sure they are prepared for this kind of work, and for your unique space.

When I work as a birth photographer, I bring experience, education, and spiritual knowledge to the table. I work as a birth keeper, a sacred storyteller, and a skilled photographer, so much more then a girl with a camera. I make sure I am a good fit for each of my clients, and if I am not, I refer them to others who would better suit them. It is about the birth, the connection, the life. It's about honoring your story. 

Birth photography is an incredible and beautiful part of our world, and I am so glad that I live in this time where it is abundant and honored. One of my favorite things about birth photographers, is that (most of us) don't work in competition with one another. We honor each other and lift each other up. We honor the fact that each of us brings something special to birth- and we know that each of us needs the support of the others. We pride ourselves at matching up the right families to the right teams, and choose to honor this system of referring and backing one another up. At our heart, birth photographers are birth workers- in it for the community and the responsibility of supporting the families. I feel blessed to be a part of this tribe. If you have any questions about birth photography, birth keeping, or anything else that I haven't answered here, feel free to reach out. I love talking about birth and would love to help you navigate this unique aspect of it. 


I am so looking forward to beginning our journey together.

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