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Every service I offer is with the mother in mind.

She holds space for the family.

I hold space for her. 

Nurturing Care visits

Care visits can be used in pregnancy, in postpartum, or far beyond that first year of life as a new mother. They can be used for new mothers, or for the mothers who fell through the cracks, and didn't get care then- but still need it now. They can be used to heal from miscarriage, loss, or still birth. Every mother deserves this care. I offer these care visits to every mother, every family, in every stage of life. If you are craving more care and connection, this is for you. Tell me what you need, or tell me what your going through. I will hold space for you.
I will create space for you.

During each care visit, I focus on bringing healing to your home. 
This healing may come to you through vision- I can help you create a postpartum plan that gives back to you. Connecting you to resources that nurture your body and mind, and create space in a busy season for the care you need. 

Maybe your healing comes through physical touch. Touch is a therapeutic experience that mothers often go without. Brushing your hair, holding your hands while we breathe, or grounding you through gentle shoulder pressure. Mothers can easily suffer from a lack of empathetic touch, or may become touched out. Your care is based on your needs.  Weighted blankets, essential oils, and regular oils are available upon request. 

Maybe you need physical space. Protected sleep times, space to shower or take a healing herbal bath while your infant is in safe protected hands. Often times after you have had the space to unwind, we can come back to the topics of touch, talk, or postpartum planning with more room. 

I can bring or make you a meal or a snack. I can help with postpartum self care, breastfeeding support, or even talk through mental health struggles. I have PMADS training and can connect you to any needed resources.

I can hold space for your dreams, your big emotions and fears. I can listen. You can talk. We can find ways to honor your healing through the reliving and processing of your birth story. I can be the heart you need to speak to, and the voice to affirm you. I can also help you decide what type of support you need going forward- to continue your journey of healing. 

These care visits are precious to me, your story matters to me. Your heart and body and mind and soul matter to me. 

Tell me what you need, or tell me what your going through. I will hold space for you, and I look forward to walking through this Wildwood with you. 

-Your Wildwood Birthkeeper

(disclaimer- While I have special training and experience with mothers during these life seasons- I am not a medical professional, none of my work is medically based, and I do not offer medical services. Though I can help you to find resources for medical services in some situations if needed.  My work is soul and heart work based in Birthkeeper care, mutual trust, and friendship. From a mothers heart, a birth workers heart, to yours.)

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