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Cordelia Grey Oriana Allen

I bleed in words, and dream in prose. Writing, is essential to who I am.

It took me a long time to find this place, this space to be, to live, to love- to write. While picking up pretty rocks in my childhood, I also picked up some bad habits and fears. One named shame, one named silence, one named doubt. 

I gave myself every reason to ignore the call of the pen. 

The blank page was intimidating. Why should I add one more voice to a world that has so many loud people screaming already? Hadn't everything already been written? How can I share my story, when it might put others in a bad light?

When I grew up though, I picked up new things. Direction, self love, wisdom. I picked up different values, purposes- all fragments of a map directing me toward healing. I began to answer my own questions, dispute my own excuses. 

I replaced my questions with truths. I told myself;

while the world may not need one more loud voice, It does need my quiet one. 

It is true that multitudes have lived and spoken and written before me, However my life and soul are unique. They, I, deserve to take up space.

I can not take responsibility for the darkness that is revealed in others, when I am simply allowing my own bright light to shine. 

Permission. Freedom. 

That is why I am here, that is where I am. 

Love. Hope. Healing.

That is where I am headed. 

Words pulled up from the depths of the ocean that is my heart. Wide with possibility, and deep with grief. 
Such is life, such is writing, such is me.

This is a beginning.


Cordelia Grey

The trembling poet. The brave holder of space. 


Mother and child. Gentle and wild. 
She owns the space she's in, and the space she creates.

Cordelia Grey is a writer, an artist. 

By night her soul awakens and pours out in waves of grief, love, and joy- everything that she has experienced in this life. By day, she listens, finds rest, and shares space with the kindred hearts of the world. She resides in North Carolina, and wherever the wind takes her on her travels. She fights for birth rights, and serves as a birth photographer and birthkeeper at


She is mother to a young boy named Despin, (whose name means child of peace) and to her angel baby named Elsie (meaning God's Promise). She's living and creating a meaningful life alongside her loving husband Justin (which means righteous and true).

Cordelia means daughter of the sea, heart of a lion. Grey is her favorite color. The color of rain, the ocean in unrest, and the color of asphalt on road trips. The color of waiting, the color of kindness. The grey between such things that others see in black and white- where empathy lies.
Oriana is symbolic of the new beginning and means light, or dawn. It also has a celestial quality to it, a connection to the stars. 

Names, like words, hold great meaning and value. They are chosen carefully here, and in every space she writes. 

Cordelia Grey is a free spirit... a person full of all the beautiful depth and intricate complexity that is human. This first book is a gift to herself, and to all corners of salt within the world.

"Corners of Salt" by Cordelia Grey- Now Available on Amazon!

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