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Jessica, Jeremy, and their sweet daughter Sahara, are excited to share that they are expecting a brand new baby in 2023!

As they await the arrival of their newest family member, they are planning and cultivating a safe, peace filled, cozy birth experience. 


In lieu of purchasing gifts, toys, or baby items- This family has asked that you consider contributing first towards their birth photography registry. Birth Photography is the documentation of a story, filled with precious moments of strength, beauty, and love on the first day of their child's life. Much like weddings, this day is life changing and has a huge impact on anyone present.

Birth photography and support can be an amazing gift to give, not only does it preserve memories for a lifetime, it also can be an amazing tool for healing and processing after the birth.


Wildwood Birthkeeper CordeliaGrey is Jessica's chosen photographer. She will artfully document, provide resources, and ensure the family is supported during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.


Please join us here to welcome and bless this beautiful soul's entrance into the world, and honor this family story.

Your contribution will go towards the family's services of choice.


This is a gift that will touch hearts, and be remembered. These photos will be a treasured heirloom for generations to come.


Please submit your contribution with this secure form, which will take you to a payment screen to process your contribution via paypal. 


Thank you!


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