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Life Bringers.

There is so much beauty here. 

Beauty, and magic, and oxytocin flowing- the love hormone. The one that makes us laugh, and cry, and heal. When we snuggle, or kiss, or birth. 
In birth, hormones also makes us forget, and this day is so worth remembering. 

You want to remember every moment, every detail, this is the beginning of everything.

You want a birth team that can help create an organic everlasting experience, one you will look back on with joy and peace.

You need someone who can hold space for you, while you bring life forth.


Your birth story matters; it deserves to be cherished, to be remembered, to be supported. 

Birth Photographer in North Carolina


  The definition of my first name- is "to walk through a peaceful meadow" and my last name translates to "Little Rock, harmony, or bright one." My middle name, Lynn, to "waterfall" Names are important to me, I believe they hold power. As my name suggests, I bring with me a light and a peace. My trust and faith are built on a solid foundation. I am called by the ocean and the rains, I move like water. Filling space, bringing comfort, grieving, birthing, and healing right along with you. 


I will walk with you, support you, hold space for you. I photograph moments in your story~ the everlasting memories you are creating. I may be the artist, the one behind the camera and pen, but every moment here- is yours. You are the life bringer.

   My deepest beliefs about birth, life, and our future as a people; are rooted in the importance of caring for birth mothers and their families. I believe that every single birth matters deeply. Every birth story. Every mother. You Matter.

    Birth can transform you, heal you, and raise you up. If you are intentional, and educated, there are no limits to how you can grow through this. I bring light, education, an open mind, and gentle hands to serve you and support you

every step of the way.

My name is Leann Allen.

Birth is more then something that just happens to us.

It is within us, a sacred coming, a promise, a breath not yet exhaled...

I support, capture, and believe in every type of birth.

Home birth

Unassisted birth

Outdoor birth

Hospital birth

Epidural birth

Cesarean birth

Lotus birth

Gentle cesarean birth

Lotus cesarean birth

NICU experiences

Suragacy stories

Miscarriage birth

Still birth

A mother and father holding their newborn after a home birth
A doula holding a mothers hand as she powers through a contraction

Birth is a path, a way. It reminds us that we have great power within. If we let it, if we become willing sojourners on this journey, it can open us up to our heart of hearts. Here we will find a place to walk forth with bare feet. We will find magic, life, a little wildwood of opportunity.


If we let it, it will change us; bring us closer to God, closer to our true selves, closer

to one another and to the life that pulses through us all. 

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A birth mother laughing in joy before her cesarean birth
A baby reaches for her mom, they are in awe of eachother after a home birth water birth
A mother after birth, snuggling her oldest and youngest daughter

My dear mothers, I believe in you and your ability to birth. I believe that with the right team supporting you, your birth can be everything your soul needs it to be. I believe that birth should be left a little wild, that it can not truly (and should not) be controlled. While I honor the sacredness of medicine(herbal and otherwise), and am immensely grateful for its use when needed, I do not believe that pregnancy is a sickness or something to be managed. I believe in informed consent, true options and limitless choices. I believe in family centered birth, and believe that a women deserves to have anyone and everyone she wants present at her birth. I believe humanity trumps policy. I believe in miracles, in prayer, and in the wisdom of all the mothers and birth workers who have come before us. 


I also believe in art, in honoring the stories of birth. I believe birth photography can change hearts, empower women, and bring us great healing. 

I believe in divine timing, fate, and connections. 

If you are reading this right now, perhaps there is a reason. 

Lets go have a cup of tea, or coffee, and explore the possibilities.    


-Your Birthkeeper, Leann Allen

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