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A Babymoon

I was invited by this sweet couple, to a quiet sanctuary. A home tucked into the side of this pretty rainy day. Taking a babymoon is a beautiful way to honor your story, your journey, and make space for what's to come.

This couple was so gentle and calm, and it has been such an honor to walk alongside them. The house was warm, with beautiful rafters and rich orange wood. The land was wet with fresh rain and touched with gold everywhere.

This day was so filled with peace and love. I love the colors, the fall weather. Almost winter, almost birthing time. A frozen pause before. I hope they are able to cherish these forever.

After documenting their love story, and enjoying a walk outside, the mother and I took time to document her bond with her baby in some falling water moments. (to be posted in another blog post) that were lovely.

Then they made us some tea, and I sat and listened to their stories and dreams and held space with them. I can still smell the tea when I look at these photos.

Warmth and love and peace.

You will also see moments from their Mothers Blessing Ceremony, and Postpartum moments in their birth story. (Links to come)

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