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Birth story of Jolene

Midnight birth drives are beautiful, inspiration filled. The air is electric as I pray over the space I will be entering, pray over the space I carry with me, and pray that I make it in time! This birth was well on its way when I arrived.

Mother was resting in her birthing tub, a birth attendant arrived shortly after I did, dad and sisters had still quiet hands as they prepped the space and held space. There was a sweet taste of waiting and wonder in the air.

As the tub continued to fill, Mother ate popsicles and sewed breath in and out of each moment. She moved around the tub, her feet moving in circles and breaths. Father tended to her softly, making sure the pool stayed warm. The sisters giggled and began to chatter excitedly. The midwife and birth attendant cooled moms forehead with a rag, kept her water filled, and held space softly. I talked to the oldest sister as we discussed aspects of birth, how things worked and what to expect. I showed her how to hold space and explained to her that we can say a lot with our silence, and give a lot with our stillness.

There were string lights and affirmations hugging the space. The soft yellow golden light warmed smiling patient faces.

Soon, The contractions held hands and came closer. I start the camera in the corner on the family phone. Little sister echos big sisters movements and actions. Mother roared, Father jumped in the tub, and together they welcomed a new life. There was a soft pause where babe was in between realms. We waited, I documented, and as the moment drew its last breath the babe was born, lifted up into mothers arms. A new baby girl. Jolene.

The sisters squealed and exclaimed, a stream of conversation pouring from their lips in excitement. The midwife brought towels. Mother and father cradled and cried and held one another. They were in the center of this birthing tub, the center of the room, and their spirits created a vibrant pulsing center of their family. It reminded me of a mandala, or the circle of life. Each member surrounding in their own layer of love and support.

Soon, a peace washes over the room. Mother admires baby and observes all the baby frosting, laughing at how thick it is. Big sister takes the now middle sister, to the kitchen to grab a snack. The placenta is born, and each person transitions into new roles.

We help mama get out of the tub, dad holding his new daughter for the first time. His smile cracks open the air and light pours out. There is great joy here.

Mom Admires her new postpartum belly, sisters gather around dads arms and talk to their new baby sister. Mom retires to the room with the midwifes support.

We all join her shortly. I make sure everyones comfy then step out for deep breath of cool night air, giving them space to bond, shower, and find a new rhythm. When I return they are curled up in bed, using homeopathy, teaching the girls about postpartum, and preparing for a ceremony.

The chord burning ceremony was beautiful, they transitioned at the end to cutting the chord to honor mothers need for a quicker path towards rest. The oldest sister cut the chord, talking happily about how she had now cut both of her sisters cords. The middle sister used the clamp. They were both proud.

A short newborn assessment follows, then big sisters work together to hold their new baby sister for the first time. There is quiet talking between the too, soft pets to baby's head, hand holding, and sweet looks of wonder and love.

Babe is returned to mothers arms. After asking if I can aide in any

other ways, or document anything esle, I softly take my leave, sending love

and light and prayers into the space as l go. Midwife is cleaning the space

and taking down the birth tub as I leave.

A beautiful home birth. <3 I love how vibrant the colors are in these photos. How warm the space held.