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Love is in the air

Hello February! Hello you!

Whoever is reading this, I just want to tell you two things.

One, you are worthy of love.

Two, this month has something for you.

Be you birth mother, or grandmother, father, or young adult. This month is something to celebrate. When I was young, I was sucked into it all. The flowers and chocolates, who will get a valentine? Questions and promises and fabricated romances.

It's not really about those chocolates or flower petals though is it? I may have grown up quite a bit. I may not be pining for my first kiss, but I feel more in touch with this day then that lovesick young heart ever did.

Love is in the air!- They say. I think its true, but maybe not in the way we think of. Imagine if every act of love, produced little hearts that floated up into space. Maybe they are fictional little colored hearts, or maybe they turn into stars that get stuck in the galaxy.

It's not all longing glances and written letters. It's not just jewelry and obligatory gifts. Love is so much more.

It's one husband saying goodnight to his wife, then rolling over into a deep sleep because he feels so safe in her presence. It's a grandmother watching a child swing as high as they can go, remembering how that feeling fills your soul with wings. It's a father, helping their child learn to hold a pencil, or play his favorite video game from when he was a kid. It's that mama going to work and storing her breastmilk in her portable cooler between shifts. It's a moody teenager, remembering to put the lid back on the milk before putting it away. Its a goodbye. A well wish. A tire changed. An email. A text. It's remembering someone from your past, and smiling.

Little hearts... everywhere. Floating into space. Becoming stars. Shining on us all.

It's self love. Its hard choices. Its mistakes and apologies and prayers. There is love in the air. Feel it. Believe in it again.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but love doesn't have to look like anything you've been shown. It can be yours. However it comes to you. Wherever you send it. It counts. It's real. It's tangible. Send it up!

Your love, is valuable. It doesn't run out. There are hundreds of mamas like me, sitting in their home after bedtime, soaking it all up. You may not have the love you want in your life right now, but soak it up anyway. It's out there, its in here, and its all around. It's in the air. Don't wait for permission or a movie scene, don't wait for someone else to give it to you. It's already here. Just take it.

My word for 2020 is Love. I am finding new ways to define it in my life, and letting go of old toxic values. Love is good.

Love is born and lives on eternally. Like the stars. Even when they die, they burst and their dust is spread all around. They go on illuminating our skies for eons.

It's so ethereal that I have the job I do. I get to see love at its very source. The strongest moments. The love of birth.

For the love of birth... it colors my existence.

Happy Valentines Day

-Wildwood Birthkeeper Leann Allen

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