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Mothers Magic Dance

There is magic in your tea cup

There is magic in your hair

There is magic in the water

Magic good, debonair

Sip it slow

Let it down

Feel it on your skin

Hold it close

Don't let it go

Breathe it right in

The womb holds all your futures

Every egg and every tear

Place your hand upon those stripes now

The magic slumbers, right here

A million generations

A thousand different lives

Will they breathe, swim, open?

Run, sink, fly?

There is magic in your birth space

There is magic in the time

It calls you from the oceans

The moon pulls inside

Breathe, pause, move now

hands grasp, closed eyes

The power is within you

It's not born, found, or new

It's in your linages

It's ancient, wise, and true

Call on your elders spirit

Draw from your mothers hands

Observe your sisters smile

This pattern is a dance

Tango with each surge now

Power aching through

Forward, back, and arch now

The ocean's moving you

Surrender to the rhythm

Open up your throat and groan

This sound is your becoming

A waltz to bring your throne

Woman is a power

Feminine and strong

So girl becomes mother

So sings a different song

Mother is the healer

Mother knows her child

Empowered with her fear now

Hear her roar so loud

The babe passes through her

One world touch another

Inhaling its first breath

Tethered to its mother

Saphires stream

Down wrinkled wet cheeks

And stillness fills the room

The dance has slowed

The motions flowed

Hand to heart, cheek to cheek

There is magic in the vernix

There is magic in the milk

There is music in the quiet

Such beauty in blood spilt

Gone is who walked in now

Emerges something old

Generations deep with instinct

Remembered, now take hold

She nurses with a feeling

She's never felt before

Something massive, something yearning,

On her own now- nevermore

Her want is tangled up see,

In someone else's eyes

Tiny stranger claims her heartbeat

And she's drawn to every cry

Forever this will mark

Transition into trance

True loves hit its mark


Mothers magic dance

-Poet, Artist, Birth Photographer

Your Wildwood Birthkeeper

CordeliaGrey Allen

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