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What I am doing as a birth keeper- COVID-19

NOTE: As of now present day, moving forward- I am again accepting birth clients for birth photography, and serving again with postpartum families. Please contact me to book.

There is a joke going around in the birth community, that in about 9 months birth photographers and workers are going to be super busy! Jokes aside, this is definitely going to have an impact on our present and future.

The best photographers, and business owners, are ones who can adapt with the times. I am grateful to be skilled in the art of adaption, I am an artist, creative thinking is my jam. Here is what I am doing during this time to keep it fresh, keep it rolling, to support my clients, and myself.

My biggest priority right now, is making sure my birth mothers are protected. Not just from the virus, but from the chaos, from the fear, from the danger of rash decision making. I am here for you. I am here to talk, to listen, to educate, to serve, to connect. Don't hesitate to reach out.


In addition to my deep love for birth and photography, I am a writer at heart. I love to use words to tell stories, to paint pictures, to persuade and soften hearts. You can look forward to many upcoming birth stories I have yet to share, as well as thought provoking and inspiring blog entries. I love to share my heart, and as you all may have a bit more time on your hands then usual with the work and school closures- I hope to give you something to read at least.

I am also in the beginning stages of creating some audio meditations and affirmations for birth moms and birth workers, that I am really really excited to share them with you. More on this to come! My hope with these is to give you a beautiful calming space to reconnect with your body, your baby, or your birth work, and get you out of the busy minded space that fear thrives in.


There are so many things going on in the birth community right now. There is a lot of fear being pushed into birth spaces and onto expecting mamas due during this time. I'm doing what I can to continue to advocate for those who are being looked over in the panic. I am happy to report that a local hospital recently changed its policy due to birth worker advocacy, to allow doulas to be considered part of the medical support team. This means mothers won't have to choose between their doula and husband, and ensures protection of their mental health space. There are many many issues worth advocating for right now, for more on a few of them see this blog post.

Mothers are valuable members of our society, and we must ensure they are cared for physically, mentally, and spiritually. Let us not take for granted the depth of their purpose, and let us protect the beautiful vulnerability of birth during this time.


I have been drafting and writing plans since 2019, and brainstorming before that- for all of the things I want to set into motion for 2020 and 2021. I am actively planning outreach and connection projects for mothers in need, mothers of loss, and I am creating valuable extensive models of care for my current and future clients. The best thing to do when your hands tied up at home, is to create and spin your dreams. Manifest your destiny. I am so thrilled for the months and years to come at Mrs. Sprinkles Birth Photography.

-Supporting Birth where I can

I am available for virtual support, and I am offering virtual postpartum support, postpartum planning, and birth planning help (important things during this scary season!)

I am also taking a very select number of in person births on. Home birth and birth center births are on the rise, as many mothers (understandably) want to stay out of the hospitals during this time. Pregnancy is not a sickness, so taking it away from the place where sick people go totally makes sense. I fully support a mothers choice to birth where she feels safest, and I fully support home birth.

For my clients in hospitals with restrictions, who need photography to be a part of their story; I have unique options and solutions for you. Please contact me for more info!

One such option is coaching your birth support person through taking and capturing beautiful photos of your birth, and even help during the birth virtually if anything comes up. I would be happy to edit any photos taken by my clients in such a situation.


This is a big one for me! Connection is what my life is about, what my business runs on, it’s so valuable to me. I am actively finding ways to stay connected to my fellow birth workers and my clients. I am connecting my clients to resources they need including;

-postpartum support

-birth planning

-home birth resources

-unassisted birth resources

-creative solutions

-PMADS resources

I am also willing to talk any mama or family during this time through fears, anxieties, questions- related to COVID-19 OR anything else. I am here to serve and support you.


I am photographing every day! From the comfort of my home. I am keeping my skills fresh, keeping my camera in use, and keeping my heart happy. I am even doing a virtual photo challenge with some friends. So that when this is all over, or when a client is in need I am ready and not rusty. There is something beautiful about capturing family memories during really scary times. Photography is important, and a vital part of history. Let me know how I can help you process this time, and lets start planning for a brighter future.

I am planning and offering "Breaking out" sessions to be taken directly after the quarantine lift, that will be centered around photographing the light and life within the world and within your family as we come out of this scary time together. I believe in a future with freedom and hope- invest in finding that hope with me and contact me to secure your own break out session.

-Staying Safe

I am doing my part in protecting our communities and staying safe. I am staying home unless its absolutely necessary to run for supplies, or if a birthing mother needs my support. When I am out I am taking all precautions. I have always been an avid hand washer, and working in birth has taught me all the skills. I have safe and effective practices for these types of situations.

I am avidly protecting my own mental health, and disconnecting when I need to. I am practicing mediation, yoga, daily doses of fresh air and vitamin D. Also, my family and I are big believers in preventative care and regularly use everything from herbs, to essential oils, to elderberry syrup- for preventative and remedial care. I would be happy to help connect others to any resources they are seeking for their own safety and health.

-Offering Gift Cards

If you are someone who's job isn't affected right now financially, and you have a bit of a bleeding heart for the small businesses during this economic trouble, I am absolutely accepting some good will. I am offering gift cards for purchase, they never expire and can be used for their full dollar equality towards any future session (including birth!) Want to secure your memories being captured? Trying for a baby during this quarantine? Just want to help? Contact me! I would love to offer you a gift card for purchase. You can also donate to my fund used to help mothers in need (used to provide photography AND birth or postpartum support to mothers who can not afford it) I have offered this for clients in the past, who just wanted to put a little faith into their future. I think a little hope and faith put towards belief in a bright future, weather its when trying to conceive, or trying to get through a quarantine is a beautiful meaningful act that the universe and God will return to us. Which brings me to my last point;

-Manifesting and Prayer

I am, every day, spending time working on my energy. What we meditate on during the course of our days, is given back to us in our future lives. I am vividly imagining a future for all of us that is full of health, connection, deep rooted community, and beautiful supportive care for all. I am praying over this virus, over those it affects, over health and retail workers, and avidly- for birthing mothers and their families who will face great stress during this season. Please join me in prayer, and in manifesting a brighter tomorrow.

Sending you all so much love, reach out if you need anything my loves.

As always, your birth keeper,

CordeliaGrey Allen

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