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The Burden of Blood - A poem

Written by CordeliaGrey Oriana Allen

Featured in first publication ~ Corners of Salt ~ available on Amazon

on a purple background with a galaxy like theme, a woman lays. We can see her legs crossed, her skin reflects the purple sky, and she is surrounded by red paint or blood. Embodying a menstrual cycle and all of the magic that comes with it.
Artwork by Kerilyn Joy - Keri's Creations

Instagram- @kerilynjoyartist

The burden of blood

Drip, trickle, clot

Into the bowl, onto the tissue, a spot upon the rug

Hands wash, scrub, clean

Anything soiled red

Tis the duty of the queen, once a month to bed

Keep away the squeamish men

For this is "woman's work"

Keep away and tie it up

Shame upon your skirt

Disconnected from the source

A burden- they make of us

The very force of life itself

Hide away... the blood

Attempt to draw from masculine

Power through and fake

Every smile, every work, every break

Until you break

Scream she does, the maid who knows

This isn't pain but power

Dance into the moonlight now

Let blood flow in the shower

I will not take up this cross

I will not mourn this color

For children it has brought the world

Joy naught know a border

Children yes but wisdom too

Every drop- a purpose

Her value not what comes of it,

But of this maroon surface

A womb space holds infinity,

Every line to be

A drop of blood holds mystery

Let every heart now see

This isn't the burden of Women's past

Or a cross to carry forward

This is though, every blessing come

Intuitive empowered

If we, the lady of the blood

Can mend the broken bridge

Between what's lost through shame and fuss

And what could be, what is

Draw now from your cycle time

Every drop of flower

Open yourself, to divine

Knowledge, wisdom, power

Put apart the cultural lie

And touch your wild womb

Open to your inner voice

Spirit guide you to the moon

The moon will take your hand in hers

And hold you like the tide

Pull the womb, release the egg

Buried deep inside

Pull every deep emotion

This is good now, this is strong

Bleed, pulse open

It was love all along

No more trembling legs, trying to hold it back

Release your inner shame, and let it change the track

A new song of victory,

A dance of loving care

Unto oneself

She pour love's grace

Like shampoo onto hair

And when they laugh and point at her,

"Look at Womens pain!"

Her lips will smile, her eyes will dare

For she knows Women's gain.

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