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Good Vibes

This post, is to you.

My reader. For your support, for your time. This post is for every person who ever liked a photo, or shared a blog post, or referred a friend.

The last few months have been full of inquiries. Full of booking clients. Full of passion and birth and friendship. There have been late night births, last minute births, intimate wildwood motherhood sessions, and so many beautiful photos. This is what I have been working for years on building. My business is thriving. So here is to my clients, my friends, my family members. Here is to those who believe in birth, and to those who don't really understand what I do, but believe in me. Here is to everyone who has wished me well, or lent a hand or an ear. For every piece of advice (warranted or not) and for every smile sent my way.

I have been soaking up the good vibes and the energy of love and success for years. Now I am sending it back out into the universe, and its paying off. Heres to me, and every long hour I have put in, every prayer, every risk, every leap of faith. Because I believe in birth. I believe in myself. I believe in people. Which is a crazy thing to do sometimes.

2020 brought out the bad side of many of us. It can be so easy to loose faith in humanity, in life, in God. When you don't though, when you hold on and keep pouring out and soaking up the love that runs through us all- you find it. You find the joy, the right place where you feel at home, you find your you. I have found it. This business, this calling, this life. This is my me.

So to everyone, thank you.

For the sake of continuing this positively vibrating energy of love and success and birth- If you are new here welcome! If you want to support me, share and like and read. Refer your pregnant friends. I am only as good as the communities I serve. I thrive in caring for women in the birth space, for families. For birthing people. I thrive here, and under my care the hope is that these mama's will also thrive. If you believe in birth but don't have time to become a birth worker- support us and help us support others. If you love babies but don't want your own, care for the mothers in your life, or support those who are passionate about caring for them. Every human needs to play their part.

The most responsible way to ensure our future generations mental health and wealth- is to care deeply for the mothers raising them. Support those who will.

-Wildwood Birthkeeper Leann Allen

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