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Oh Pinata

Tomorrow, October 6th, is my son's birthday!

I thought I'd share a little behind the scenes magic.

My start with him, in my own birth story, is what pushed me into this world of birthwork. His birth opened me in a way I would never recover from. It changed the very fabric of my being and helped me become the person I am today.

Each year I make him a pinata, this year the party them matches his new room- space + foxes! It is a super cute, super niche theme that we are loving.

As I cut boxes up, taping them into the right shape. I think of all of the little peices of my own story, that have created this space and this version of our lives. We are so intentional now, on how we cut the peices. How we layer them. How we reflect on them and invite each new season. That intention is like this paper mache, it takes what was just a cut up mess- and glues it together. It strengthens our bonds to one another, to life, to purpose, to faith.

As it dries, as those intentions set in, we begin to see this beautiful object come to life. Eventually, those intentions become our reality. Then we get to decorate.

Like I decorate this pinata with shiny paper. Like I decorate my home with photo frame and flowers and art. My website with words and poetry and photos. My body with healing oils and jewlery.

Little details, that make up a life. <3

There might be quicker ways to do these things. I could buy instead of make. I could outsource. Always a good option. But there is something about wetting your own hands, risking the papercuts, and drawing out what could be a quick process. Delayed gratification or satisfaction. An art, and a way of life that can so easily be lost in the bustle. It brings me healing.

Healing for me, for my inner child. Creating these memorable birthdays is for me, and for my son. That he may look back and feel that magic again. That this magic might be a balm to lifes aches. That this slow intention, this tradition, helps him create his own one day.

Birth is like that. It stays with you. In magic, in greif. In heartbreak and beauty. And if we can slow, if we can create intentions and honor traditions, and keep the ceremony of life within this event- we can keep something alive here. Some sort of ancient wisdom and magic. It is so worth honoring. Remembering. Holding onto, and giving new life to.

Slow down and do something you love for someone you love. <3 It does something to us. To our hands, our hearts, and our families.

Moon Pinata


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