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Milk Bath Session- Jiovanni

An image from this session was chosen for publication in an international magazine in 2019. This session was so easy, and full of grace.

Every Milk Bath Session starts with warm water, relaxing music, and settling in. Mama and baby get comfortable, and start to bond with one another. The setting is full of peace, warmth, and quiet space that makes it easy on babies and toddlers. I start to introduce the quiet noise of the shutter on my camera, and talk in sweet soft tones to mama and baby.

We capture beautiful moments, mama and baby get some pampering and relaxation. The milk soothes irritated skin, and can even be done in a dairy free recipe.

There are laughs, sweet smiles, moments nursing or bottle feeding, and if were lucky baby might just fall asleep for some dreamy photos.

It doesn't take long to get the moments we need, and baby and mama are then given space to relax a bit longer in the tub.

When they are ready, they get out, maybe rinse off in the shower, and wrap up together in color coordinated towels for a short snuggle up photography session. An antique rocking chair, a beautiful softly lit corner, and a gorgeous antique glass partition sets the scene. The window, since this session, has been dressed in a beautiful privacy lace coating for even more photo potential in this space.

After dry and dressed, I invite mama and baby to enjoy a spread of nursing friendly snacks and beverages. My hope is to not only give you amazing photos, and capture memories- but also to give you a moment of rest, of care. To drive home feeling a bit more peace and love then you came in with. Mamas are truly the heart of our world, and caring for them is what my job is all about.

If you would like to gift a milk bath session, or purchase one for yourself, please contact me on my website here, or on my Facebook page. Milk Bath sessions can be done in your home (provided you have the space and tub for it) or in mine as these were. I am also in the works for making outdoor milk bath sessions available. These sessions can include children of any age, nursing, bottle feeding, multiple children, even spouses. Choice of decor and flowers is totally customized, from roses, to fruit loops, to glitter- literally anything goes! These sessions can be done with kids, or without. Maternity, postpartum, or simply body celebration for women of any age. I would love to help you design the perfect session to bring out your unique personality and story. These sessions fill my heart up and I just love doing them!

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