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A Back Up Birth Support Story

This sweet mama came to me late in her pregnancy, determined to book my services. She was filled with passion. A loud Joy radiated around her. Birth photography was so important to her. She wanted these moments documented, to honor her journey and her strength. She has a spirit that is independent, with a fierce mama love that inspired me. She was sad that she didn't have these photos from her first pregnancy and birth, and overjoyed that this time she would.

After a few false alarms, including one on a target shopping trip (haha!), This mama messaged me that, yes, today, she was in labor! She kept me updated while I went to work behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, I knew that being at this birth for me, was not an option that day. I was sick, and had some intense personal things come up that same day. Things that pulled me away from the space I knew I needed to be in, to attend a birth. I strive to always be a safe, calm, uplifting, professional and intuitive addition when I bring myself into a birth space. With what I had going on, I knew I couldn't do justice to that intention.

After securing all the details, I messaged the mom and let her know that I was sending in my back up birth photographer, to document her birth. The process was smooth, seamless, beautiful. I hated that I couldn't be there myself, but knew that I had created these transitional process for a reason, and was so glad I could lean on them in this moment of need.

So while I recovered and tended to my own family, the amazing Katie Jackson supported and documented this birth. She did a phenomenal job. When she was done, we transferred the images. The making of this story was a collaboration that I enjoyed so much. Her skills in camera made it easy to edit and sort and create the art that these photos became.

During the birth, Katie, the mom, and our amazing doula Chelsea Alexandria, kept me posted. The labor was amazing! Mama told me she felt so supported, and so natural. She said she was in shock because the whole thing felt intense and crazy but also so happy. She leaned on her support team, used nitrous for pain relief, and gave birth standing up!

Her words from reviews and from reflections after her birth:

"I contacted Cordelia and hired her on such short notice before giving birth to my daughter. She didn't hesitate to respond to me and support me through my whole birth plan! when she fell sick on the day I went into labor, she was able to quickly call another photographer for backup support and she also did an amazing job! I'm very happy with my birth photos, and I highly, highly recommend hiring this photographer if you are looking for one. You will never regret being able to forever look back on those photos of such intense moments that are quickly forgotten over the years!"

"I felt empowered, in control, like I actually had a say so in what happened. Some things I do have trouble remembering. It all went by so fast, but it felt like forever in the actual moment. I had time to process everything but I still can't believe it happened the way it did."

When I have to miss a birth, this is exactly what I want to happen. I want to keep the process smooth, easy for the birth family. For them to feel empowered, supported, and strong in their own choices and birth space. It was an amazing unfolding of a story, and I hope I get to work with this sweet mama again someday.

I loved working on these, and I love love love how these photos turned out.

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