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An Intimate Maternity Photo Session

This sweet mama had just moved into a new home, and while she waited on furniture and finishing touches- we used the empty rooms to create space for something magical.

Intimate maternity sessions are designed to create that space wherever you are in your journey. To honor the raw beauty. To lavish love on even the parts of yourself were you don't see beauty. Loving them anyway. Loving this anyway. Not having to meet any expectations. Making space for you to be, just where you are, just as you are-

Finding Space.

Putting trust into the connection between you and your baby. Listening to what they are telling you in that moment. Speaking words of affirmation over them silently or out-loud.

Finding freedom in this space, in this simple act of love.

Documenting motherhood.

Documenting your presence. Letting yourself take up space.

Finding love, for your child, yourself, this day.

And above all else, finding space in gratitude. A space that can change our hearts and minds, and open us up to healing and peace- something that is especially effective and important while on such a deep spiritual journey. Like one is when they are walking into motherhood.

This mother did a beautiful job at creating this space for herself. She created space in her home. She created space in her family by teaching them how to care for her during this time. She provided them with birth education, and invited them to hold space for her during every part of the journey. Her family was her safe space, and it was a beautiful thing to witness.

She hired a birth team that was full and exactly what she needed. She put so much importance into the people she chose to invite into her birth space.

She created a postpartum plan that nourished and protected her and her child during the early months after birth.

It was such an honor to document these layers of support and planning, and I was humbled to witness the beauty and such self love that she showed. I loved learning about her culture, and her family ties, learning about the history of the Rebozo wrap and how mistakenly used the term is for modern day birth practices in America. Learning her dreams and plans for her birth and her little one. Attending her mothers blessing ceremony. More stories I can not wait to share. <3

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