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Birth Story of Nora Mae

Oh sweet love. Everything about these birth photos give my heart the double beats. What a couple! I have seen many different types of support, and many relationships strengthen in the birth space, but this one was simply memorable. The love between this new mom, and new dad, this husband and wife- was so so beautiful and pure. From the moment I walked into the quiet space, there was whispers of "you can do this, I love you, you got this" and looks of anticipation and joy- that little spark in each of their eyes, they were becoming parents today!

Not everything went as planned, a slow and steady med-free birth plan made way for a few exceptions, an induction process with many quiet waiting hours. Then, just moments after not being sure if active labor was even close, baby was almost here and her birth team was rushing to make it in time.

When I arrived mama was laying in bed breathing deep and steady, she was calm, she was excited, she was powerful. All my worries of her doula not making it left my head when I observed the way these two were with each other. Mama drew from his strength, and Dad poured into her with love and confidence and pride. He was in awe of her, so in love. And she was putting all of her faith in him, so in love. They breathed together, he tenderly brushed her hair, touched her forehead, supported her legs. He placed a hand on her chest reminding her where to breathe, how deep, how steady. He used a cool rag to soothe her. He whispered encouragements, looked into her eyes and spoke to her heart. He seemed to me from an outside perspective, the best person that could have been there to help her through this. He offered support I have seen from the very best doulas. They were a beautiful team.

Their birth plan was solid. Mama let baby labor down, taking no part in pushing before her body was ready. When it came time, she did incredibly and baby was born quickly. The joy on their faces was incredible, tears that ran down dad's face, and the love between them grew tenfold when they saw and cradled that little babe.

Lots of snuggles, a visit from mom, and a visit from doula, they fell into another rhythm during this postpartum time. They learned to swaddle, dad did skin to skin, and mom awed at her now empty belly- in happy disbelief at the journey she had taken.

The soft feeling of this day will always have a place in my heart. While nothing is perfect, and this couple has had plenty of their own trials to face during birth and postpartum, I do believe there will always be a bit of extra magic for everyone who looks back on this day.

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