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Birth Story of Tighe Makari

Every birth there is something that stands out to me. Sometimes its the unique personality of the baby, or the quirky mood of the family, or the amazing service of the birth team.

But this birth, what stood out and shown brighter then anything else on this long day, was the beauty of this mother. She was the definition of strength. This was her fourth child, and fourth boy. She knew what birth had been to her before, and was so ready to face it and welcome it again. She had no fear.

But this birth was so much longer, harder, and completely different then any of her others were. It was unexpected, surprised us all with intensity, and she handled it with such grace. 

She stuck to her goals, she used movement and vocalization, and focus to bring her through each contraction. She didn't let the pressure of the day get to her, but took it one moment, one breath at a time. It was really neat to see the gas used, and amazing how it took the edge of just enough for her to regain the strength and momentum she needed to get through the rest of her birth. 

Her determination never wavered, the light within her never dulled, and the bliss on her face when it was over was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

This birth, in one word, was graceful. Grace in every moment. 

It was an honor to get to know this mama and her sister, to spend the day resting and observing with them. Baby was beautiful, with such a strong name given to him-( pronounced like Ty). He had the cutest eyebrows I have ever seen, so expressive.

I thoroughly enjoyed this day, and capturing this birth story.