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Falling Water + Babymoon session

This session was a combination of our wildwood 'falling water' and 'baby moon' sessions. Grace shone through mother as she honored her beauty, her journey, the life of her child. After she found her peace, we invited dad into the frame for some beautiful moments to cherish the love they had built. The look in their eyes echos the touch of their hands in these photos. The love and peace was palatable. At the end, mama snuggled up with baby in a chair in her home, for a few more moments of breath.

Falling water sessions are about the connection between the water surrounding you, and the water within. The spiritual significance. The way it moves us. The protection and strength we can find within it.

Baby moon sessions are built to savor precious moments at the end of a journey before the beginning of a new one. It is a time between. A time of quiet and love. To cherish one another, and to hold space for everything that came before and after. It is a moment so easily forgotten, but oh so important. It always feels like its a world apart- just a really tender pause between events that is such an honor to document.

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