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Falling Water

There is a song, that has been flowing through me for some time now.

I put it on each time my emotions take me somewhere, each time I drive to the beach, each time I am on my way to or from a birth. Its on almost every playlist- I am just loving it.

It's called Falling Water, and the verse goes like this:

I don't know myself, I don't know my face

never seen a stream so smooth it could show me

and it's falling water they say, that has something to sing

and they say were mostly water

So la de da da da, maybe I'm falling

La de da da da, could I be rain?

La de da da da, the center is calling

I'm heading to see the ocean again.

The melody is haunting, but serene. Ethereal in a way. It just speaks to my soul, as I have such a strong connection to water myself. I am called to the ocean, the rivers, the rain and storm filled sky- and so strongly to birth.

Sometimes I imagine myself as a drop of water while I listen to this song, as I drive to a birth or a session. I imagine how my water drop flows through the sky, through the air, into the oceans of the birth world and beyond- no limit of where I can exist, participating in beautiful cycles. Flowing into a families birth space, rolling down that beautiful hill of contractions- replenishing, offering comfort, wisdom, grace. Leaving traces of my gentle spirit behind. The memory water holds.

This song also reminds me of the water inside us all, the water moving through me, and through each mother I serve. How it is not just our skin that defines us, but what's inside. The lungs, the air we breathe. The children we birth, the words we sing, and all of the water that moves through us, and makes up every moment.

Abandoning the mirror, and recognizing that only a wild stream could show you as you truly are- but none are quite that smooth, there is peace in that.

And the way we all are drawn back to the center, to the heart, the ocean, the water. This song, there are so many possible interpretations. It's vague but so full.

I love it. An in a way, it inspired these photographs, this type of session.

I am calling them Falling Water sessions.

Like every session I offer, they revolve around drawing beauty from marrow. Love from a simple moment in a complex bond. The raw, beautiful, deep and ethereal motherhood that exists. The sacred space within the water. In the simplest way, I make space for you, your body, and your baby to just exist, to be what you are. To be in the moment you are in. And then I photograph those moments, in a way that honors that existence.

Designed to embrace your motherhood, right where it's at. These can be taken at any stage of motherhood in various ways, but will always involve some type of Falling Water. A shower, a waterfall, the rain. We will find the place where your soul can rest. Designed to be as modest or as free spirited as desired.

I would love to continue this series- so please reach out if you would like to honor your motherhood or womanhood in this way.

Here are a few of my favorites, from those who have reached out with their own hearts and asked me to photograph their moments of motherhood in a falling water session. I will share more fully these sessions, very soon.

These can be solitary moments captured during pregnancy, postpartum, in old glorious age as a tribute to your journey. They can include moments with your other children. They can also tie into couples intimate maternity sessions.

When you book a package with me, you are getting a full experience. These moments can be a short addition to any session. We will create space, intimacy, connection, and trust as we photograph and honor your journeys in the ways that speak to your soul.

Falling Water Sessions

Greensboro Birth Photographer

Winston-Salem Birth Photographer

Charlotte Birth Photographer

North Carolina Birth Photographer

Triad Birth Photographer

Travel Birth Photographer

Serving, holding space, your artist, photographer, and birth keeper

-Leann Allen

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