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Once Upon a Waterfall- A Falling Water Session

Until the end of 2022 book a waterfall session and receive a free suprise photo gift!

...Tucked into a small mountain range in North Carolina, with rocks that shimmer and feather light pale purple butterflies kissing our hands and cheeks- we find magic. We touch water pure and fresh from the earth- bringing to meet her, the water within ourselves. The water of my soul, spirit, and creativity as a photographer. The water within the womb of my dear friend, who carries life becoming. All the potential. Tomorrow before it takes its breath.

Mothers hand brushes softly against the life radiating from within. She looks at home here. Like a water nymph flowing straight out of the falls, taking a moment in human form to touch tears and laughter and sun. She is ethereal. My dear life bringer. She trusts me to document this moment, to sit softly with her in this almost tomorrow.

I have walked with her through so many seasons of motherhood, of love. It is a blessing to be here again, in familiarity and warmth, and in a brand new location, a brand new depth. A trust that can only be built through seasons of grief and change and journey. It is an honor, an absolute honor to document life in this way- a way that continues on and on, expanding and blooming into floral bursts of photos that will live on beyond our time. I like to imagine there is us there, standing under those waters in a loop of time that never ends.

This session was magical, and something that felt out of this world. Or, out of our normal social city structured world anyway. The location was a suggestion, a prompt from dad, which we eagerly agreed to. There were a few mishaps! The hike down, and back up again was taken slowly, pumping our hearts in the best way. I, took a timely slip into the water on a very slick rock, holding my camera above my head on the way down- (it survived without a drop!) LOL It was an adventurous learning experince. When I go back I will be bringing some extra waterproofing gear, more memory cards (the one I had was filled fast!) and some river walking shoes. But I absolutely plan on coming back. I am actually in the process of hosting this hike and photo experience on air B and B, which should bring all kinds of new adventures!

I have since taken my own family back here just to swim, play, and soak up the nature. It is truly a spot full of magic and divine disconnection. Allowing for the only connection that truly counts- heart to heart, hand to womb, soul to soul.

If you are interested in learning more about this location, or in exploring one of north Carolinas other waterfalls with me, please contact me. I have a lot of brewing ideas, and just need the right adventurers to make them a reality. <3

Documenting a falling water, waterfall maternity session
North Carolina Birth Photographer - CordeliaGrey Oriana Allen, Wildwood Birthkeeper

Falling Falling water sessions, you will forever have me by the twinkle in my eye.

Please, my life bringers and followers, enjoy this gallery of beautiful tender moments. My favorite ones were actually taken in the last moments after a quick outfit change into a white dress that truly caught up with the spirit of the falls. So as you view this gallery, it will be in reverse. Just for fun and to share the ones that make my heart sing the most.