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Hear My Heart- by guest writer Gennelle Miles

To diversify my readers experiences, and to bring in a touch from others, I have opened up some space here on the blog for guest writers and other birthing/motherhood professionals and communities. To share their hearts, their passions, and their wisdoms. -Wildwood Birthkeeper

Gennelle Miles is a Professional Birth Doula at Sweet Miracles- Doula Services.

She serves the greater Charlotte of NC, and close surrounding areas.

She has worked intermittently in birth work for twelve years. She offers faith based compassionate doula care for birth, pregnancy and postpartum. She also offers belly binding, belly casting and painting, placenta encapsulation, placenta tinctures, and placenta art, organic sitz baths, aromatherapy, and breastfeeding support.

In this blog space she opens up in moments of reflection on her career in the field of birthwork. The first is a moving reflection on weariness, on her battles and victories in faith, and on the complex beauty it is to be human. The second, a beautiful glimpse into the most rewarding seconds in the life of a birth worker.

"When Inspiration Alludes"

I have been told by some, that I inspired them to go for their dreams. To pursue a calling because they see me pursuing my own.

But I have to be real with ya'll, there are days I don't feel inspired at all. Days where I feel stuck, like I have lost momentum. Days I just feel like I have fallen flat on my face, and days where I lack patience in God's ability to bring the vision to pass.

These are my low days. But there is a part of me that has seen the vision He has for me, a part of me that just has to stand still and watch Him bring it to pass. I hate the part of me that "wants things now" because that part makes me forget how far He has already carried me. That part of me makes me see rejection of what I have to offer as a failure on my part, like I have done something wrong or missed a mark. Like I wasn’t convincing enough, like they saw something in me that drove them away. It's that part that makes me question my calling, my abilities, and on the lowest of days- my relationship with God. But that part also keeps me humble... man is that a 2 edged sword or what!? I have people rooting for me, I have love and support, I am grateful for everyone who has encouraged me to keep moving forward, I have faith... So why do I allow that part of me to bring me so low?? I already know the answers and yet I still feel compelled to ask the questions. Hear My Heart. <3

"Coming Home: Incredible"

Coming home to my children after a birth, remembering all the hard work that went into bringing them into the world, the only word I can think of is "incredible".

Being a doula/student midwife who also happens to be a mom is amazing.

Sometimes I look back and wish I had doulas at every birth, but I also look back and remember how much love and support I did have. From my husband, from my mom, from my children, from my midwives, from my best friend, the support and love made such a huge impact on my birthing experience each time.

Thinking about these experinces, I comprehend completely why- It is so important for a birthing mother to have Love, Compassion, Empathy, Reverence, and Faith surrounding her while she is bringing her child into the world. I am glad Jesus called me to this work. Like labor, this work can be intense, it can be a lot. It is always worth it to see a momma holding the child she worked so hard for. After those incredible moments, I get to go home and love on my own!!

-Gennelle Miles

Sweet Miracles Doula Services


It is an honor to connect with each life bringer, person, and birth worker I meet. We are all parts of a great body of collective water. Rivers that intersect and ebb and flow. For the moments my rivers touch others, I am ever grateful. If you would like to connect, write, or contribute to this blog space please contact me. -Wildwood Birthkeeper CordeliaGrey Oriana Allen

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