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Intimate Maternity (baby moon) Sessions- Art by love

This is something new. For me as an artist, and for the incredible families and couples I create for. I am thrilled, to be offering intimate maternity sessions.

They are designed especially for the expecting couple.

annnnd... any kitty friends that decide to photobomb of course.

(this moment made my heart leap! How sweet can you get?)

These sessions are a beautiful foreshadowing of birth, and emit beautiful echoes of the intimate postpartum sessions I am so fond of. Where birth celebrates, well birth; and my postpartum sessions, celebrate that raw beauty between a mother and child, and all the grace of a mothers miracle working body... This intimate maternity session, celebrates the bond that started it all. We all know, my photography is different. It is not about posing, perfect lights, or studio make up. It is when you see the reflection of a rainbow in the corner of your lens, and pull on the string. It is the magic in the raw every day moments, and the not so every day intense connections.

This couple, instead of a traditional babymoon, to celebrate and savor their bond before baby, they volunteered to be a part of this beautiful mock birth session. Their love created a whole atmosphere, and their team of photographers (me included) revolved around them like planets around the sun.

They were bright, and warm, and full of joy.

It was quite contagious. Peace and love my beauties!

So these sessions, are insanely beautiful. They can be so much fun. It is really not like any photo session you've done. Give the power of love and connection a chance, I have designed these moments to be effortless. All you have to do is be yourself, focus on the love and touch between you and your partner, and relax. This is a magical and safe space, truly.

These sessions can be completely customized. Which means, they can be as modest, or as free spirited as you are. This session could be a relaxing bath, or hot tub dip. It could be a swim in a family pool, or a cuddle session near a warm fireplace. Even a roll in the hay or a cuddle up on horses. Whatever connects you, reflects you, brings out the love in your hearts- that is where we want to be and what we want to create.

This couple, ahhhh. Their beauty and love was tangible. I felt so honored to get to capture these beautiful still shots of their love.

These moments, just before the birth of your child, are ones that can fade so quickly. Birth, and the magical chaos of the newborn weeks, will overpower every small memory made these last few weeks of quiet and restless maternity. That is, they will be forgotten in the rush of hormones and feedings and diaper changes, unless you memorialize them with the magic of a photograph. These small touches, and those tender looks, they deserve to be cherished. An imamate maternity couples session, could be the beautiful beginning to your birth story that you didn't know you needed.

I want to cherish you, and capture that vibration of emotion your holding. Of everything to come, of every mile you have traveled.

Give yourself the permission to create this space for connection and make effortless memories in an intimate maternity session. Send me a message, tell me about your relationship, and lets draw up a draft- a vision that makes your hearts leap again. Lets create space to finding a way back to each other and back to why you fell in love, travel back to the why of this journey; or perhaps we can creating a new chapter, a new start, with space for love to bloom anew. This is your sign. Let's do it. I'm buzzing with excitement for the two of you already. This is what I live for. Healing, beautiful, and real moments of connection. And the chance to savor them forever.

Now then, enough about you, lets take a look at a couple more beautiful moments from this couples session.

Marriage, motherhood, fatherhood.

Intimacy. Beauty. Strength in these raw and incredible human moments.

Pure art.

Okay, those are my absolute favorites. But I know you want more.

Here is their full gallery, enjoy!

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