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Keep Finding The Light

While discussing the impact this season has had on our communities and our own lives- with fellow birth workers, I came across some beautiful words and wanted to share them in this brief post.

They echo my own heart so soundly.

One fellow birth worker stated in response to not being afraid of this wrecking us: “the reason I was called to do this work, was born out of grief and trauma. I am my most authentic self because of moments like this...”

And another speaking on trauma and tragedy within life:

“And much like now, I felt like we would never get out of it. I remember feeling numb, scared, and hopeless.

But here's the thing, Without all that loss, I know I wouldn't be who I am today...

So I'm choosing to believe that this season of loss is going to change our businesses and this profession for the better. I truly believe that we are going to come out of this with more passion, more empathy, and more demand than ever before. Because after loss, the one thing everyone searches for is hope and new life. Birthing families will want their stories seen and shared. We will be waiting. We will be ready.

Hang in there friends. I know this is so scary. It's okay to feel all the feelings and to sit in your grief right now. But I would also encourage you to look out into the horizon and see that sliver of light...”

I am here, supporting each birthing family that comes to me as best I can during this season, and doing many many things to prepare and fully grasp the blessing it is to be able to capture these moments again, for when this fog lifts. I am here for you. I am ready.

Your story matters. I believe in that deeply. And I can not wait to begin helping you to tell those stories again.

And until then, I am here in so many other ways. Holding space for you. Advocating. Loving. Praying. ❤️

There will be light, and so many beautiful stories to share with the world, after this darkness. And the world will need them.


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