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Soak up the sun- an intimate maternity session

So much of my work takes place indoors, but it's always a wonderful challenge and blessing to walk forth into a wilderness of sorts with my clients. I have some photo sessions planned, that will bring in the woods, the waterfalls, and the ocean. Today, I give you a photo story in which a mother walks forth into the sun, finds her rainbow, and her self love too.

We walked through soft fields, and touched beautifully created artistic gardens. We soaked up the sun, and each others light. She spoke fondly of caterpillars and childhood memories. We connected over tender memories of loss together. It was such an honor to take up space with her.... oh and doesn't she take up space so so beautifully?

It was enchanting to meet you. My heart is full knowing you now hold this little rainbow baby outside your womb, and that your family is center to such love from such a mother as you. <3

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