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Birth Story of Jace

This birth story was a whirlwind.

Mom and dad were so excited to welcome their first child into this world, they had a name picked out, a beautiful nursery being built, and were welcoming all the advice from others without hesitation. Mama had a great birth plan, but as we all know birth can bring on all the unexpecteds. 

After a whole lot of work and effort, and very little progress, mama had to make a tough call. She had been stuck at 9.5 cm all day, and what had started as an easy and quickly progressing birth, became a uphill climb. The staff was hands on, doing everything they could to help mama and baby out, and the father was a rockstar support at her side, doing everything he could to encourage her, pushing right along with her. 

When it was clear that no matter what she tried baby was just not progressing, she sacrificed what she wanted her birth to look like, for what was best for her and her baby in that moment. Little Jace was born via Cesarean Birth, and despite the last minute change of plans, it was a beautiful day and a beautiful birth. 

I didn't get to capture the beauty of his first moments on that day, but I got to come back and meet him and capture the sweet warmth and love within his home a couple weeks later. I love this family, and I love that I got to capture the unfolding of their story. 

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