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Birth Story of Kenneth Colton

This was one of my favorite cesarean births. I did not get to capture the moment of birth, but not an emotion was missed here. I felt like I was able to connect with this sweet family, and really tell the story of the day. There was so much love, so much joy, it was like a peace after a storm. Ethereal. After an uncertain and emotional pregnancy, Kenneth was born via cesarean birth into a world of love.

Dad had just come off a long work shift, and he was overjoyed to see and hold his child. Mama was just SO happy and present, she really owned her experience and didn't take any of it for granted. And the bond between mama and her Nana, was enchanting. I love when grandmothers, Nanas, aunts, sisters ect. are an active part of birth and new life, it feels ethereal, like I am getting to witness the way things once were when birth was a rite of passage and women birthed with other women surrounding her. Tradition, compassion, and a strong sense of community. Something I would love to see our society return to. The way Nana tenderly checked baby over and held her close, and helped mama with the latch, it was all amazing.

Everyone was so present. Dad crawled into bed with mama before and after the birth, giving her all the tender love she deserved. It was so sweet, the air was full of love. A really tender and beautiful day.

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