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Birth Story of Kimberly Paige

It was such an honor to photograph this birth, especially since it brought me the blessing of a new friendship. I loved watching this mother stay true to herself, making her decisions and sticking to them every step of the way though pregnancy, birth, and recovery. She listened patiently to the advice of friends, family, and doctors, and in the end she made her own decisions, she knew exactly what was best for her and her baby. 

She was fearless, calm, and so so beautiful on this day. 

Her own mom was by her side during her C-section, and she just had this huge heart, full of worry and love and care just like a mama's should be. 

This little baby girl had the sweetest presence, she was the most beautiful pink I have ever seen! She was 9lbs and 6oz and completely loved. 

My favorite moment was when big brother came in to see his mama and meet his baby sister. Mom was soooo happy to have both her babies in her arms again, and when he kissed her head there wasn't a dry eye in the room. Everyone laughed when he insisted on hitching a ride on the bed with mama and sister on their way to the recovery room. Even the nurses eyes were shinning at all the sweetness in the room. 

It was a really beautiful day and I am so glad I was able to be there to capture it.

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