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Birth Story of Scarlett Mae

Scarlett Mae, isn't that just the sweetest name? When she came into this world, it was out of the womb and onto a stage. Such a beautiful debut!  

Her family crowded the waiting room and the halls, laughing at security guards who suggested they move. They held this strength and this joy that no one wanted to mess with. 

There was SO MUCH EXCITEMENT! It was tangible! 

I loved capturing their faces, peering around the corners, stretching up on their toes to see if mama was coming yet.

They were all so happy to meet this little girl, there was so much love and I think you can feel it in these photos. After some beautiful skin on skin time with mama, every single member of this family took their time to whisper sweet things to babe, and make sure she knew she was loved. 

Mama was a rockstar, strong and confident and beautiful, and she didn't let anything phase her. I feel honored to know her. 

And miss Scarlett Mae was so precious. Super soft hair, and the sweetest pink cheeks, she was beautiful.

Her older brother loves her so much, I loved watching them meet. There really was a lot of joy to catch on this day.

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