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Birth Story of Valor Jet

Oh happy day! I missed this birth by minutes, mama texted me it was time and an hour later baby was born! We knew she would have a fast birth, all her other children were much the same. Luckily she had an amazing doula who was with her when she went into the hospital- who also happens to be a photographer and had her camera on her. So she was able to capture what moments I missed.

Despite missing the labor and delivery, I feel like I was there for so much of the story. Getting to work alongside this amazing doula was a dream, Jade is such a bright spot in the room, her personality really shines and makes you feel at home. She was such a huge help to this mama, she helped her eat and nurse and provided everyone with water and encouragement. She also was a big part of talking the daughter through the tough moments of her mamas birth and how she could help afterwords.

The bond between this daughter and her mother, and this new baby boy, was indescribable. I am so glad these pictures are here because there are no words for the beauty. you could tell she loved her family so much, she radiated with deep deep emotion. She stayed right by mama's side through everything, and couldn't stop fawning over baby all night. She protectively covered his eyes from the bright lights, read to him, and spoiled him with whispers and sweet words. She even cried over his name, weather that was with joy or not remains to be seen haha! She told me she was going to raise him to be just like her, not crazy like her other brothers could be. There was no doubt that she loved her brother more then words could express.

The father was so happy and present. The staff really let mama be on her own and enjoy her new family. It was an amazing, respected, and happy space.

Mama's beauty shone. Her spirit after birth, was ethereal. It was such a joy to share this space and witness such love, peace, and comfort after birth.