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Birth Story of Zannah Bell

Meet Zannah Bell, such a sweet little soul. I can not say enough about how loved this little girl is. Born via cesarean birth, and with a bit of a rough start, but full of soul. You could see it in her eyes, this sweet girl has the biggest heart, and you can see where she gets it from. Her parents were so strong on this day, they were so gracious and full of sweet love for one another as they welcomed her into their hearts, and let me share this tender space with them. Not everything went according to plan, but their love never faltered. They hold such a sweet spot in my heart.

I especially loved the time I got to spend in the waiting room with big brother and grandparents. He was so funny, telling us all about his dreams to be a rockstar. He held tight to a card he made for his baby sister, and was so patient waiting for his turn to see her.

The moments in the NICU were tough, but baby soon got to be where she belonged again, in mama's arms. It was a joy to me when I got the text that they were all going home together! The ending we always want to see.<3


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